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Solvent Trap = Legal Problems!

It has come to Shooters Union attention that currently Border Force (customs) officers, accompanied by state police officers are actively visiting (with search warrant) and searching the premises of anyone and everyone who has recently imported the so called “Solvent Traps” being sold online from the USA. Whilst some shooters may have inadvertently ordered these into the country AND customs ...

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A must see for shooters

Any shooter who is between meaningful relationships and with nothing better to do is well advised to travel to Gympie to be gob smacked by Ron’s new Owen Guns museum which is the largest gun museum in the southern hemisphere. If you’re passing through the town, don’t miss it. You walk through his shop, which is always full of good ...

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Goodbye to Brass

Let’s skip the appetizer and get right to the meat and potatoes of a manufacturer’s claims for a new cartridge case technology to replace the 150-year reign of brass. Here’s what Shell Shock Technologies (SST) says about their two-piece, nickel-aluminum-stainless steel 9mm Luger NAS3 cases: Stronger, cheaper and half the weight of brass. Greater corrosion resistance. More internal volume. More ...

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Wallet thieves will know you have guns and where they are

We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost wallets, the lost cash, having to replace all those cards, stranded in strange places with no money. However, there’s one spine stiffener you may have missed. You know that there’s no address on your shooters licence so that’s all right, or is it? Another item you, as a law abiding citizen usually ...

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Gun Smuggling: The ‘elephant in the room’

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria FOI applications seeking information on how many illegally imported firearms Customs has seized has revealed some interesting information. Around 8 guns, imitation firearms, parts and accessories detected each day are disposed of – either from a prosecution or not being able to identify the owner – and that’s obviously the ‘tip of the iceberg’. This ...

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Whats in your Range Bag, Cherie Blake?

The law in Australia states you have to be 12-years-old before you can obtain a junior firearms permit. So, as soon as Cherie Blake turned of age, she was shooting rabbits with a .22LR at the farm she grew up on. Blake’s father and sister were both already involved in handgun competitions, so it was only natural that Cherie join ...

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