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Senator Leyonhjelm lets loose on Anti-Gun Nuts!

Senator David Leyonhjelm

Watch Senator David Leyonhjelm's speech to Parliament regarding the inquiry into illicit firearms, the Adler lever action shotgun ban, and the other restrictions being placed on law abiding firearm owners. Also available to read is the full speech transcript. Law abiding Firearm owners are not happy. They are sick of being treated as criminals in waiting. They are not happy the government is proposing to impose yet more constraints on law-abiding sporting shooters.

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What they say about Gun Registries….

Firearm Registration Fails

Firearm registration systems are commonly introduced more for political reasons than for practical purpose and it seems inevitable that they are doomed to fail.Here are a few observations on the worth of firearm registration systems. We have been unable to find a researched quote in favour.

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Government curtailing Liberties by Stealth

Liberal Democratic Party Press Release Tuesday 28th July 2015 Liberal Democrat Senator for NSW David Leyonhjelm has condemned the temporary ban on Adler lever action shot guns the Prime Minister announced on the weekend. The Adler A110 lever action shotgun was to be imported into Australia next month, but has now been banned until a review of the National Firearms ...

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Shooters have Friends in Canberra

a shooters friend in canberra

Nationals Senator for Victoria, Bridget McKenzie and Liberal-Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm are the most outspoken Federal politicians standing up for shooters in our Capital, once referred to as 40 square miles surrounded by reality. Senator Mckenzie, a keen shooter, launched ‘Parliamentary Friends of Shooting’ in March in an effort to raise awareness about sporting and recreational shooting among parliamentarians. Guests of honour were Olympic and ...

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Support your Gun Shops

Like all retailers, our gun shops are now suffering the same erosion of their business by internet buying and the hunt for something cheaper. To serve our sport, gun shops have to have premises, staff, and they pay taxes, including GST. They also have to maintain registers, pay licensing fees and undergo regular inspections, none of which applies to internet ...

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Event: Towards Fairer Gun Laws Forum

Push for MORE RESTRICTIONS on civilians owning guns gains momentum in Canberra Join us for dinner and let your voice be heard… This is your invitation to the “Towards Fairer Gun Laws Forum” Book your tickets now to get informed, learn what’s worked internationally and become part of the solution that protects your rights to own firearms. The anti-gun lobby is ramping ...

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