How effective can a gun amnesty be?

Gun Amnesty in Full Swing — But Why? On July 1, the government introduced the National Firearms Amnesty — a three-month program that will give Australians the chance to hand in unregistered firearms without consequence or cost. Australia is a different country now, but it’s important to remember: Over 18 years starting in the late 1970s, there were 13 mass shootings. ...

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Shooters Union Agrees: Crims won’t give up weapons

While Shooters Union of Australia president, Graham Park, agrees with NSW Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm’s skeptical view on the lack of effectiveness of the first national gun amnesty to be undertaken since the one instigated by John Howard in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre, he supports the concept behind amnesties overall. Justice Minister Michael Keenan announced last week that a national ...

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Solvent Trap = Legal Problems!

It has come to Shooters Union attention that currently Border Force (customs) officers, accompanied by state police officers are actively visiting (with search warrant) and searching the premises of anyone and everyone who has recently imported the so called “Solvent Traps” being sold online from the USA. Whilst some shooters may have inadvertently ordered these into the country AND customs ...

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Wallet thieves will know you have guns and where they are

We’ve all heard the horror stories of lost wallets, the lost cash, having to replace all those cards, stranded in strange places with no money. However, there’s one spine stiffener you may have missed. You know that there’s no address on your shooters licence so that’s all right, or is it? Another item you, as a law abiding citizen usually ...

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Gun Smuggling: The ‘elephant in the room’

Combined Firearms Council of Victoria FOI applications seeking information on how many illegally imported firearms Customs has seized has revealed some interesting information. Around 8 guns, imitation firearms, parts and accessories detected each day are disposed of – either from a prosecution or not being able to identify the owner – and that’s obviously the ‘tip of the iceberg’. This ...

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One Nation will stop making criminals out of licensed gun owners

OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE BY STEVE DICKSON – MEMBER FOR BUDERIM Download original media release here. Member for Buderim and Queensland Leader of One Nation today launched the Party’s firearm policy. Mr Dickson said, “I am very concerned about the contents of the recently released National Firearms Agreement. The new agreement will have huge impacts on sporting shooting clubs and their ...

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