Event: Towards Fairer Gun Laws Forum

Push for MORE RESTRICTIONS on civilians owning guns gains momentum in Canberra Join us for dinner and let your voice be heard… This is your invitation to the “Towards Fairer Gun Laws Forum” Book your tickets now to get informed, learn what’s worked internationally and become part of the solution that protects your rights to own firearms. The anti-gun lobby is ramping ...

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The Folly of Gun Registration – Part 2

The Folly of Gun Registration

In 1920 Jersey substantially copied the UK firearm act of the same year, including the procedure of registering all rifles and pistols, without either jurisdiction carrying out any meaningful research of any sort into the likely costs and effects of the procedure. We then rolled the clock forward 75 years to 1995 and a Jersey government proposal to expand the system to include shotguns, once [...]

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Canada to pass Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act

Zimmer supports passing of Common Sense Firearms Licencing Act in House Described as a Bill that will enhance safe and sensible firearms policies, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act is set to become law in Canada. Energetic City reports that the Bill will see safety training for potential first-time firearm owners, a streamlined licensing system and the removal of the requirement ...

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NIOA Highlights Ridiculous WA Gun Control Legislation

This is Gun Control Legislation gone mad. How would you feel when approved gun control legislation for firearm owners in Western Australia, can be declared null and void simply by the whim and opinion of one person? Welcome to WAPOL. NIOA TV has released a special episode highlighting the ridiculous gun control legislation that allows the Police Commissioner or any ...

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McKenzie: Gun Control Reform shouldn’t demonise legal gun owners

Media Release | Senator Bridget McKenzie | Senator for Victoria The Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie said today the demonisation of licensed and responsible firearms owners by the Greens must stop, following the tabling of the Senate’s Inquiry into the ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun related violence in Australia. Senator McKenzie said the report, tabled today, found ...

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Australia Needs Harsher Penalties for Gun Theft

We have had enough: Australia NEEDS Harsher Penalties for Gun Theft The anti-gun lobbies are continually claiming that most gun crime is committed using guns stolen from legal firearm owners and they are using these exaggerated claims to support their case for tighter gun controls and bans. Shooters Union of Queensland has decided to put this issue back in the ...

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Canada: Firearm homicides down by 25%

Statistics Canada have released figures for the first full year after the abolition of the longarms registry.  Quite predictably, the murder rate has dropped by 8% and the rate of firearm homicide has decreased by 25%. Nevertheless, the Canadian anti-gun lobby and symapathetic politicians are still pushing to have the totally useless and financially irresponsible registry reinstated.  This is further ...

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SUA Respond to Gun-related Violence Senate Inquiry

SUA has been invited before the Senate Inquiry into Gun-Related Violence in Canberra. You will remember the long-winded-named Senate Inquiry into the ability of Australian law enforcement authorities to eliminate gun-related violence in the community? SUQ and SUA both put in submissions and as a result, SUA was invited to appear before the inquiry in Canberra. There were two other ...

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SUA President responds to Federal Senate Inquiry into Gun-Related Violence

Senate Inquiry into Gun-related Violence SUA PRESIDENT GRAHAM PARK’S OPENING STATEMENT Senators, Thank you for the invitation to participate. 18 years ago Australia began a huge social experiment. With the stated intent and hope that this experiment in highly restrictive laws would make Australia a safer country using the federally driven National Firearms Agreement (NFA). So began one of the ...

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