Howard took our Semis; Now they want what’s left

The Liberal Government considers Lever Action Shotguns a SERIOUS PROBLEM!There is absolutely no evidence to support this but that is a direct quote from the Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis Tuesday evening in Parliament in response to a question from Senator Ricky Muir.So there it is.Just as we have been warning you, this isn’t just about lever action shotguns, they want to take ALL lever action firearms.

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What they say about Gun Registries….

Firearm Registration Fails

Firearm registration systems are commonly introduced more for political reasons than for practical purpose and it seems inevitable that they are doomed to fail.Here are a few observations on the worth of firearm registration systems. We have been unable to find a researched quote in favour.

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International Recognition for Shooters Union

NRA National Rifle Assoc

Shooters Union is an international affiliate of the United States NRA (National Rifle Association). This affiliation fits well with the Union’s main role to defend the rights of law abiding firearm owners within Queensland and the Nation.So what does that do for us here in Australia?Well, it gives us affiliation with the largest, most effective and most recognised shooting organisation in the world. It gives us access to information, training events and competition shoot formats, as well as alignment with many other international pro-firearms rights groups which are also affiliated to the NRA.

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What’s more important, Guns or People?

We are continually subjected to inflated newspaper claims that Howard’s ill-considered gun registration has done so much to reduce gun crime that we forget the other aspects to the 1996 gun laws, such as formalised gun safety courses which are a prerequisite to getting a gun licence, the police checks and built in restrictions on violent offenders obtaining a registered firearm.Dr. Samara McPhedran PhD, in one of her meticulously researched papers considers which part of the gun laws has had the most positive impact, the laws affecting guns, or the laws affecting people.

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The world’s largest army…


America will forever be safe from foreign invasion thanks to it's home-grown firepower. Whereas in Australia, the individual ‘skill at arms’ was killed, with the final nail being driven into the coffin lid in 1996.

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Government curtailing Liberties by Stealth

Liberal Democratic Party Press Release Tuesday 28th July 2015 Liberal Democrat Senator for NSW David Leyonhjelm has condemned the temporary ban on Adler lever action shot guns the Prime Minister announced on the weekend. The Adler A110 lever action shotgun was to be imported into Australia next month, but has now been banned until a review of the National Firearms ...

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Lever Action – the New DEMON Gun

Lever Action Firearms

Learn the truth and take action against the Australian Government's plan to heavily restrict Manually Operated Rapid Fire Weapons inc lever action, pump and straight pull bolt action rifles. Help us raise our voice within Australian Legislature to stop lever action firearms being classified as C Class weapons and effectively outlawed for 95% of Australians.

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The Folly of Gun Registration – Part 1

The Folly of Gun Registration

Derek Bernard wrote what follows after considering the huge costs and inconveniences of gun-registration systems when used as a form of gun control, as well as the total absence of any corresponding evidence of social benefits resulting from the systems – for example, in reducing gun crime, improving crime resolution, or identifying and convicting criminals.

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