Take their pocket money away

Did you know that every time you give a party your ‘1’ vote on the ballot in Queensland, you are also giving them $3.14 as well?

Under Queensland’s public election funding laws, parties receive $3.14 for every first preference (‘1’ vote) they receive – which adds up to millions of dollars every election, straight into their pockets.

We say it’s time to take the Majors’ pocket money away.

By Voting 1 for a pro-gun party like Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) or Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON) or a pro-gun independent candidate, you are taking money back from the Majors, giving it to someone who can use it to fight for you, and sending a message to the big two that we as voters have had enough of being taken for granted.

Every ‘1’ vote that goes to someone else is money the Majors can’t use to push their anti-gun policies.

The Majors take the electoral funding for granted – and got a shock in 2017 when the #Flick’Em campaign resulted in the lowest first-preference vote for the Majors in Queensland history. The campaign took well over a million dollars away from the Majors and distributed it to parties representing real, hard-working Queenslanders.

The Majors clearly haven’t learned from that experience, so it’s time to remind them in a way they’ll understand – on their accounting balance sheet.

Put the Majors last and take their pocket money away!

Authorised by J Linsley, 61 Arthur Street Dalby QLD 4405, for Shooters Union Australia

Townsville – Are you ready for change?

Let’s put Townsville First!

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Schwarz, the Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for your electorate of Townsville. A passionate advocate for your region, Josh is contesting the seat to “unlock the potential of our amazing home.” 

For decades the LNP and ALP have neglected the Townsville region… only remembering we exist once an election is called. 

In this election, let’s put Brisbane last by choosing politicians who are committed to NQ and seeing it prosper.

KAP candidate for Townsville, Josh Schwarz says NO to asset sales, YES to the big projects that will pull our struggling economy out of the COVID recession. 

Josh says YES to jobs and YES to agricultural & manufacturing development (including Smart Water Management Programs), tourism, defence and health project development.  Let’s get the region building so we can get back to prosperity. 

If you care about Townsville and more importantly your children’s future then make sure you vote for a party that is committed to delivering on the big projects that will get us out of the COVID-19 recession.

The KAP are CLEARLY the only party that has the vision, guts, will and determination to do what’s best for Townsville.

This election, let’s put Brisbane last. Watch the video below to find out more. ”

Shooters Union is endorsing Josh as our pick for the candidate most likely to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the Townsville region. 

Shooter’s Union Australia Vice President, David Brown interviews the KAP Candidate for Townsville Joshua Schwarz

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Are you in Thuringowa? Watch this

This October, the Major Parties have to go. For decades the ALP and LNP have ignored the youth crime wave taking over our city. In this election let’s put Brisbane last by choosing a candidate who is commited to achieving WHAT TOWNSVILLE needs.

Vote 1 for Julianne Wood, KAP Candidate in Thuringowa to Take Back Townsville from it’s criminal gangs and youth crime.

Julianne has a plan that’s offers more than a slap on the wrist or an easily overlooked/difficult to enfore night time curfew.

Our relocation sentencing plan will give our troubled youth skills, discipline and chance for a new start in life (whilst also providing valuable services to rural and regional property owners who could use some extra person-power.

The KAP are CLEARLY the only party that has the vision, guts, will and determination to do what’s best for Townsville.

This election, let’s put Brisbane last. Watch the video below to find out more. ”

Shooter’s Union Australia delegate, David Brown interviews Leader of the KAP Robbie Katter & Thuringowa Candidate Julianne Wood.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Cook Voters – Have you met Tanika?

We’re doing the hard work for you to screen candidates. Meet the Shooters Union Endorsed Candidate for COOK – TANIKA PARKER

Shooter’s Union Australia delegate, David Brown interviews Member for Hill Shane Knuth & Cook Candidate Tanika Parker.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Condamine Voters – you need to watch this.

We’re doing the research for you, so you don’t have to.

Meet your Candidate in Condamine. GREG PRIEBE

Shooter’s Union Australia delegate, David Brown interviews Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party candidate Greg Priebe

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Gympie Members – watch this!

Meet The Candidate for Gympie – Anthony Perrett

Shooter’s Union Australia President, Graham Park interviews Member for Gympie Anthony Perrett.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Shooters Union NSW appoints State Co-ordinator

SHOOTERS Union is stepping up its presence in New South Wales with the appointment of Craig Golding as our state co-ordinator.

An experienced and passionate shooter with decades of experience in the industry, Craig will be focussing on legislative change and fighting for a fair go for the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding firearms in the First State, while current state president Peter Whelan will focus on managing the successful SUNS shooting club which acts as a Genuine Reason for members to obtain a firearms licence in NSW.

Craig has been involved in the firearms industry for more than three decades, after first going hunting aged 12 with his father – which sparked a life-long passion that continues to this day, with his wife and three children also being avid hunters and shooters.

He has also worked with several shooting, hunting and fishing brands, including being the NSW sales agent for Alcock & Pierce (the country’s longest surviving guns and archery importer), the Australian and New Zealand sales manager for Shakespeare fishing tackle as well as founding the successful Field & Stream Australia store in Bowral, which he ran until June this year.

“I am passionate about hunting & shooting and as a result I spend an enormous amount of personal time introducing others to the sport as a Firearms Safety Awareness Training Officer and NSW DPI Leap Service Provider (hunter education),” he said.

“I am also a strong supporter of the NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.”

Craig is now bringing his experience to Shooters Union NSW and is committed to fighting against unjust firearms regulations and for a fair go for shooters.

Some of his goals include:

  • Working towards an ongoing firearms amnesty;
  • Abolition of the state’s draconian appearance laws;
  • Addressing the delays in firearms license renewals and the delays in the issuing of Permits to Acquire;
  • Working toward a united and cohesive group of NSW shooting organisations;
  • Continuing to introduce more and more people to the shooting sports by education and the development of local hunting/shooting clubs.

We are delighted to welcome Craig aboard as our NSW State Co-ordinator and look forward to being able to enhance our efforts to protect shooter’s interests in the state.

Craig can be reached via e-mail to: craig.golding@shootersunion.com.au

Submission to the Firearms & Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal Use)Bill 2020

Submitted by: SUNS Shooting Club Incorporated
PO Box 246
Glenorie, NSW 2157
10th August 2020
Email: nsw@shootersunionnsw.com.au
Phone: 0499 148 814

SUNS Shooting Club Inc. is an approved shooting club, having approvals in rifle, shotgun and handgun disciplines, plus collecting, as issued by NSW Police Firearms Registry.

Having approximately 700 members across NSW, many of our members are very concerned about the intent and implications of these new laws. The following is a list of concerns, submitted to this inquiry on behalf of our members:We have members across A, B, H and G categories, in accordance with our Club Approvals from Firearms Registry. That is, rifles, shotguns, handguns and collectors. Members shoot most disciplines, from air pistol targets, through clay targets to IPSC and metallic silhouette.

Many of our members also participate in hunting and vermin control, as SUNS Shooting Club has been granted Approved Hunting Organisation status, by NSW Department of Primary Industries, Game and Pest Management section.

Replacing a trigger assembly, in a shotgun, a spring in a pistol, or cylinder in a revolver or fitting a ‘scope to a hunting rifle, would be considered general maintenance of firearms and a normal part of enjoying their sport. Each of those tasks would not require the skills of a gunsmith, using readily available workshop or tool kit equipment.

Tools used, such as screwdrivers, pliers, a vice, precision (fine) files, plus oils and grease, would all be caught up in the descriptions of “objects, devices or substances” described in the Firearms and Weapons Legislation (1996) Amendment. All these items could be used to make a firearm, or modify a legal firearm, rendering it “illegal”.

Any SUNS Shooting Club member could be charged by police with having the “precursors to firearms manufacture”, simply for having tool, which any person could buy at their local hardware store.

“Grey areas” would occur, for example, when replacing the mainspring and seals in the process of restoring an old category A air rifle, such as a BSA Meteor Mk 5, as one of our members did during last winter. This involved making up a special slotted tube part, required to release the spring pressure, to remove the main spring retaining pin. That restoration also involved replacing worn trigger pivot pins, piston head and sealing rings with selective application of moly-grease. All items used could be readily obtained from Bunnings and Auto Barn! Even the exploded view of that air rifle, showing all parts, COULD be caught up in this amendment.

Another project planned by another member, is replacing the synthetic stock of a rifle with a wooden one, made with aged timber from a wild cherry tree. That would need woodworking machines, rasps and sanders, surface treatment oils and varnish.

No doubt many of our members could undertake such a project, or even more complex ones. They all have firearms licences and own registered firearms, so what real interest would the police have in such basic maintenance activities?

Our members who have G category (collectors) licences, would have detailed drawings of firearms, such as the Australian designed and built Owen Machine Gun. Collectors may not even have certain firearms in their collection, but may have manufacturing drawings, design notes and other historical records, on their computers, which could also be caught up in breaches of these amendments.

Furthermore, some of our members carry out the re-loading of ammunition, so perhaps gunpowder will be caught up in the “substances” definition.

The amendment contains words and descriptions, which may be so broadly interpreted, or have so many “grey areas” that it is likely to tie up licensed firearms owners for years in the Courts, as they endeavour to prove their innocence.

These amendments could open up a legal minefield and prove to be a goldmine for some in the legal profession, as licensed and law abiding firearms owners attempt to defend any charges.

How would they prove that they were not “knowingly” manufacturing a firearm?

Police are all too prepared to test the “grey areas” in any legislation, as we saw when the 1996 laws came in, relating to safe storage, transport of firearms, approved shooting grounds etc. Proof of that is in the fact that this proposed amendment to the Firearms Act (1996) will be the 46th!

Note also that the Weapons Prohibitions Act (1998) is now in its 127th amendment! More recently (Regina v Towner February 2020) police had already inspected the Armoured Heaven shop in Penrith, after reports of “guns being sold” there. Police took some photographs and told owner Brad Towner “no problems, these are toys”.

Some months later a different group of Police swooped on his shop and seized his stock of Gel Blasters and Cosplay toy guns. It was only some months later that he was served with a long list of “Firearms Charges” which made to appear that he had been supplying illegal weapons and ammunition to bikie gangs.

After two years and many delays, while the Department of Public Prosecutions sought “expert advice” including ballistics testing, a jury found Brad Towner not guilty on ALL charges.

One can clearly predict similar charges being laid against our members, which would see that member have his or her guns seized, firearms licence suspended and face lengthy and expensive court appearances, only to be ultimately found “not guilty”.

It has been well publicised that a majority of police officers have only a general knowledge of the Firearms Act 1996 (now in its 46th amendment!) or of the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 (amendment no 127!).

Many police officers would not have a detailed knowledge of firearms manufacture, so may be unable to discern whether a drilled piece of metal was destined to be a firearm receiver, or a part for a model car.

Many items and objects initially considered “firearms” or “prohibited weapons”, such as bait throwers and promotional compressed air Tee shirt blowers, were deleted from later revisions of the Acts. It would be expected that in future, we will see further amendments to these Acts, caused by poorly worded laws.

On behalf of our members, we strongly request that these amendments be voted down. We also suggest that, should such amendments proceed, that a clause be included to exempt Licensed Firearms Owners and Shooting Club members, from prosecution.

We do not wish our members to face having their firearms seized and to pay for lawyers to defend them in Court, after a junior police officer decides that a metal tube or hacksaw, or drills in their range bag, or on their workbench, are “precursors to firearms manufacture”.

Submitted by the Administrative Committee of SUNS Shooting Club Incorporated
PO Box 246
NSW 2157
Email: nsw@shootersunion.com.au
Phone: 0499 148 814

Vote Labor Last 2020

We have a very real chance at voting out the ALP in Queensland’s state election (set for October 31) – and we need every single one of you reading this to help make it happen.

A story in The Australian on July 31st – “Popular Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk but poll party postponed” (paywalled)” – notes a Newspoll survey is putting the LNP on track for a very narrow win at the election.

As per the story: “On Newspoll’s numbers, only six Labor seats would fall to the conservatives, leaving them to stitch together a minority administration with Katter’s Australian Party, independents and possibly One Nation.”

Getting Labor out of Government is the first step to ensuring our rights are respected and that the political assaults on the most law-abiding sector of the community cease.

VOTE LABOR LAST. Put them below The Greens. Put them below the Animal Rights Party. Put them below the independent candidate you’ve never heard of before.

Vote One for a Pro-shooting party like Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) or Pauline Hanson’s One Nation (PHON). If you want to vote for a Major, vote LNP.

Whatever you do: VOTE LABOR LAST.

The ALP government hates you and does not trust you – look at what they have done to us this year alone:

  • Without warning, the ALP closed every gun shop in Queensland because of baseless and unfounded concerns about domestic violence and suicide. They have never acknowledged they were wrong, they have never apologised for the financial devastation they caused, they have utterly refused to engage with anyone on the subject.
  • The ALP used their parliamentary majority to ram through nonsensical amendments to the Weapons Act, banning or restricting Gel Blasters – changes which will take your children’s birthday and Christmas presents away.
  • The changes will decimate the Gel Blaster industry, driving hundreds of small business owners and employees out of business during the worst pandemic in more than a century.
  • The ALP ignored more than 10,000 signatures on a petition calling for them not to do restrict Gel Blasters. They ignored the united voices of Katter’s Australia Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party and the LNP in telling them not to do it AND voting against it.

Time and time again, the ALP has demonstrated nothing but contempt for Queensland’s law-abiding shooters.

We hoped they got the message after the successful Flick’Em campaign at the last election (which resulted in the lowest major party primary vote in Queensland history), but clearly they weren’t listening, or arrogantly assumed we’d forget.


There are 200,000 licensed shooters in Queensland and we all have friends and family. The ALP’s hatred of law-abiding shooters is a matter of public record and every single one of us needs to take a stand.

They won’t listen to us anywhere except at the ballot box.

Make them pay for their arrogance, hatred, discrimination and hoplophobia.


Authorised by J Linsley, 61 Arthur Street Dalby QLD 4405, for Shooters Union Australia.

Legal Win Proves Firearms Registries are Pointless

The legal victory of a Geelong gun dealer over improper record keeping charges throws the entire point of a firearms registry into question, says Australia’s pre-eminent pro-shooting organisation.

The Outdoor Sportsman owner Rod Haugh fought a six-year legal battle with Victoria’s Firearms Licensing and Registration Division (LRD) after police raided his business over alleged paperwork and record keeping irregularities, seizing a large number of firearms and suspending his firearm dealer’s licence.

As reported in the Geelong Advertiser (paywalled story), Mr Haugh eventually won his case after a multi-year legal battle but estimates his business has lost $9m in revenue and the stress of the saga may have contributed to his suffering a stroke.

Shooters Union Australia president, Graham Park, said firearms registries all around Australia – including Victoria – were proving themselves to be expensive white elephants which had never been shown to have prevented a single crime.

“Mr Haugh has had his business almost completely destroyed over paperwork issues, and the court case fell over because the police admitted their records weren’t up to scratch either,” he said.

“We see this time and time again around Australia – Firearms registries with hopelessly inaccurate or outdated information, and the ones who suffer are the law-abiding firearms owners and gun dealers.”

Mr Park said every gun owner in Australia likely had a story of the firearms registry having incorrect details of a gun they owned or had legally purchased, and it was time to do away with firearms registration.

“It’s quite clear the money being spent on registries is essentially being thrown into a black hole,” he said.

“Every dollar spent on maintaining useless and inefficient firearms registries is a dollar that’s not going to frontline police or social services, where that dollar could do vastly more good than being used to make things more difficult for the most law-abiding sector of the community,” he said.

“You can’t buy a gun without a firearms licence and we are not suggesting that should change. But once you’ve got a licence, requiring a permit for every gun you want to buy is pointless feel-good red tape which makes people in inner-city leafy suburbs feel better but has no public safety benefit.

“Canada got rid of their longarms registry several years ago and even New Zealand, which experienced a terrorist attack not long ago, is not likely to introduce a registry.

“The facts are clear: Firearms registries don’t work. Licence the person and throw the book at anyone without a licence who gets caught with a gun.”

President Graham Park: president@shootersunion.com.au or 0418 700 320
Media director Royce Wilson: media@shootersunion.com.au or 0410 645 035