ABC Surprise Us With Positive Shooting-Related Story

It’s not often we find the ABC on the side of law-abiding firearms users, but today is one of those days. Following the release of the Economic and Social Impacts of Recreational Hunting and Shooting report (commissioned by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health) Australia’s national media outlets took very different tacks on the report’s contents and conclusions – which ...

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Home affairs responds to Shooters Union Letter

You might recall a few weeks ago we wrote to Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, expressing our high levels of concern over Australian Border Force reclassifying the Berkia ‘Black Ops’ shotgun due to an alleged resemblance to the M-16 assault rifle. We can now report the Hon. Jason Wood MP, Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs – ...

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A snapshot of good news from Shooters Union

WE at Shooters Union HQ have always prided ourselves on proactively representing and lobbying for the interests of our members and law-abiding firearms users across Australia. That work takes a lot of forms – everything from media liaison to social media engagement to lobbying MPs – and while a lot of what we do has to stay on the QT ...

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Fear mongering media at it again

ANOTHER day, another media outlet writing fear-mongering stories about sporting firearms. This time, the offender is none other than the Daily Mail, who have taken aim at the Verney-Carron Speedline rifle. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7370191/How-deadly-rifle-fire-six-shots-three- seconds-exploiting-Australias-tough-gun-laws.html There’s some real howlers in the story – “Military-style ammunition,” describing the gun as “Semi-Semi-Automatic”, and extensive comment from GCA & Friends – but it also utterly ...

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Some delays to Queensland PTA processing expected

Shooters Union HQ have been advised by the Weapons Licensing Branch in Queensland that there may be a delay of a few days in processing Permits To Acquire (PTAs) for the next few months, while the branch undergoes some much-needed systems improvements and backlog clearance. We understand that for the next few months, PTA applications will be the subject of ...

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Letter from SU to Peter Dutton: RE Berika Black Ops Shotgun Ban

The Folly of Gun Registration

The Hon Peter Dutton MP Minister for Home Affairs Via e-mail July 22, 2019 Dear Mr Dutton, I am writing to you on behalf of Shooters Union Australia (representing Australia’s more than one million law-abiding firearms users) regarding the recent importation issues with the Berika SP-12 shotgun. The shotgun, which is chambered for sporting 12 gauge shotshells and works on ...

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Border Force Retroactively Bans Shotgun for Looking Scary

Did no-one at Customs open the shipment – a shipment accompanied by a shipping manifest and B709A import paperwork clearly and explicitly declaring the contents to be firearms – when the Berika shotguns were imported and say “Hmmm, firearms? Better check this out just to make sure everything is in order”? We at Shooters Union HQ are starting to wonder ...

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Channel 9 have a strange definition of accurate and impartial

YOU may recall a few weeks ago we took Channel Nine to task over their outrageous report on the Wedgetail WT-15-01 firearm, which among other things described it as a “murder weapon” and a machine-gun. Channel Nine have provided what can only be described as an outrageous and laughable response to our formal complaint, which we now share with you, ...

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Media Union refuses to ensure fair and accurate reporting for gun owners

We all know the Australian mainstream media are terrible at reporting fairly on anything firearms related. At best it’s inaccurate and at worst it’s a blatant hit piece with unashamed bias and blatant scaremongering. As part of Shooters Union’s efforts to represent all shooters, in April we wrote physical letters to senior executive members of the Media, Entertainment and Arts ...

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