We are disappointed to share the news the Dunmore Range project, which we have been supporting for some time, has been cancelled due to insurmountable issues outside the range developer’s control.

The range, being developed on former ADF property near the Queensland town of Dunmore (west of Toowoomba) was going to provide benchrest positions for 500m and 1000m targets, and ultra-long range targets beyond 4km. Camping and hunting on the property was also part of the plan, too.

The developers have spent the past three years trying to get the project together – including undertaking earthworks – but the land’s owner has now listed the property for sale and it is simply well beyond the available budget.

There have also been issues getting approvals from the local Council, despite the range essentially being in the middle of nowhere.

The cancelling of the project is sad news, but comes due to circumstances the developers could not control, even with contingency plans in place.

We are proud to have been able to support the project – Queensland, and Australia, desperately need more shooting ranges – and share the disappointment of the range developers and the Dunmore Range Association regarding how things have turned out.

The Dunmore Range Association (which is separate to the range development side of things) is being wound up and have generously stated that per their articles of association, they will be donating any of its remaining funds and assets to Shooters Union Queensland.

We are grateful to accept this and will use it to continue our fight for a fair go for shooters in the state – their contribution will be put to good use and make a difference for all law-abiding firearms users around the state.

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