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Queensland Hunters under threat from Animal Welfare Review


The Queensland Government is reviewing the Animal Care And Protection Act 2001 (https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/business-priorities/biosecurity/animal-biosecurity-welfare/welfare-ethics/review-of-the-animal-care-and-protection-act-2001),

Given official information states “The review will ensure the ACPA keeps pace with community expectations and modern welfare practices”, you can bet there will be anti-hunting bias to many of the submissions.

Anti-hunting extremists hide behind the vail of RSPCA and other so called animal welfare groups, and you can bet they will be doing their bit to have your hunting rights abolished. Get involved or risk losing your hunting rights. This is why Shooters Union is hard at work preparing a submission on behalf of our members to ensure our ability to engage in ethical hunting and pest control are not undermined by gun-hating antis.

Here’s a copy of our submission.

It would help us greatly if our Queensland members could also take some time to provide feedback to the Government review before the May 21 deadline – you can have your say here: https://daf.engagementhub.com.au/animal-welfare

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