Here’s how you can vote for
improved energy prices, reformed vegetation management laws and increased support for local industries this October.

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Christian Shepherd, the Katter Australia Party Candidate for your electorate of Rockhampton. A passionate advocate for your region, Christian is contesting the seat to “Lead Rockhampton out of the COVID crisis” and support our world-class tourism, agricultural and mining industries. 

“I am proudly running for Katter’s Australia Party because I can see the damage the major parties have caused through their regional neglect. Come October 31st, vote for a party that will put Rockhampton first and not Brisbane.”

A passionate advocate for the Rochkampton region, Christian has policies aimed at improving legislative and fiscal outcomes for the region, reducing energy prices, supporting farmers with improved vegetation management laws, fixing the water crisis and supporting local producers. 

Shooters Union is endorsing Christian as our pick for the candidate most likely to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the Rockhampton region. 

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