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Freedom of Disinformation: Queensland Police Service Weapons Licencing Branch Strike Again

A few days ago, we described how the Queensland Police Service Weapons Licensing Branch appears to frown on the occupational use of pistols by primary producers while the Queensland Police regularly euthanise animals with Glocks. It isn’t just the Police that frown.  The Police Minister has described farmers using pistols to deal with pests and stock as cowboys.  How did we get ...

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Category H, Farmers & the Humane Euthanization of Animals

Working livestock on a large property can be a hard way to make a living.  Thick scrub, rough terrain, long distances and wandering animals (wanted and unwanted) are a reality of life.  Often enough, farmers, pest controllers and animal handlers need a compact, light, reliable repeating firearm to deal with the challenges of sick livestock and packs of feral pests. ...

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Labor’s War on Farmers

Labor's war on farmers

Forget a “Fair Go” –  in a seeming total lack of good economic sense the current Queensland Government seems hell bent on attacking and damaging anything agricultural and regional in our state. Despite the fact that regional Queensland generates considerable income and is the primary caretaker of our natural environment. First our state government introduces a new vegetation management act ...

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Listen to LABOR – Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda

Police Minister Bill Byrne's Anti-farmer agenda

The Australian Labor Party have an Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda… Have a listen to this… In response to a question from Robbie Katter (Katter’s Australian Party) in Queensland Parliament yesterday, Police Minister Bill Byrne made it very clear that he mistrusts Queensland Primary Producers and Landholders in relation to handgun ownership. Click HERE to listen. Send Labor Police Minister Bill ...

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