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Gun Laws

I am a tax paying citizen whom works hard to put food on the table for my family and pay my taxes and my way to keep you in a job. I obey the law and honor the members of my family that have fought for this country to keep it safe and free. I have very little pleasures in ...

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Does rural Australia have a gun problem?

The recent multiple homicide in a small Victorian township, coming barely a month after a mass shooting in rural New South Wales, may give the impression that firearm-related murders in rural Australia are rampant. It would be easy to attribute this to higher density of gun ownership in country areas relative to cities, particularly where farming is a dominant industry and ...

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NIOA Highlights Ridiculous WA Gun Control Legislation

This is Gun Control Legislation gone mad. How would you feel when approved gun control legislation for firearm owners in Western Australia, can be declared null and void simply by the whim and opinion of one person? Welcome to WAPOL. NIOA TV has released a special episode highlighting the ridiculous gun control legislation that allows the Police Commissioner or any ...

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