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Gun Laws

I am a tax paying citizen whom works hard to put food on the table for my family and pay my taxes and my way to keep you in a job. I obey the law and honor the members of my family that have fought for this country to keep it safe and free. I have very little pleasures in life after my family apart from shooting. I obey the regulations and keep my firearms locked and safe at all times. I don’t have any objections to licencing and registration of my weapons, I even encourage it, because that is what they are…. weapons. But I object to being singled out or typecast as a criminal. Licence holders are not going to jeopardize their privilege to own a weapon by committing a criminal act. They cherish their privilege to own a weapon. During the buy back scheme in 1996, only the innocent and honest weapon owners were the ones who handed in their hard earned and sometimes prized rifles. All the rest were hidden and became illegal and often sold on the black market within the criminal element. Why are we still regarded as irresponsible or imbeciles just because we have a passion for guns. You give an irresponsible teenager a high powered vehicle to use on the road and this has the potential for more pain and suffering for more families yet it is classed as an accident when they kill. I would just like the gun community to be treated equally and with the same respect as everyone else whom are honest tax paying citizens. We all have the right to make our own choices as long as they do not jeopardize the life or well being of anyone else. Please consider this when changing legislation and we will consider your choices when we vote.

Australian Gun Laws: A Complete Lie? Video by Ozzie Reviews

Are the Australian Gun Laws a complete lie? You decide in this video where I present all the facts to you using the following data:



All website data is referenced as required by the Australian Copyright Act 1968. This video is not monetized or used for profit in any way.

Video created by Ozzie Reviews. Click here to read comments. https://youtu.be/T4F9sOJ1mxA

Qld Government Weapons Consultation Forum Members Announced

Shooters Union Queensland has serious concerns about changes to gun laws that could restrict your rights, and even result in the confiscation of guns you legally own. Changes to Australia’s gun laws, including who may own firearms, what types, and for what reasons, are being considered as part of a review of the National Firearm Agreement.

As president of Shooters Union Queensland, I wanted to let you know of our fears, and let you know what you can do about it.

Why is this important?

Australia’s gun laws are set state-by- state. They’re designed to be consistent, so politicians from each State and Territory meet to discuss changes, usually to make firearm ownership more restricted, and the red tape more challenging.

The State and Federal Governments are discussing and reviewing the National Firearms Agreement, but they have been doing it behind closed doors. After advocating directly to the Minister’s office, and publicly, Shooters Union Queensland has now been invited to sit on the State Government’s Weapons Consultation Forum.

This is a good first step.

What do we know?

  • The State and Federal Governments met in April to discuss legislative changes to the National Firearms Agreement;
  • Lever action shotguns, such as the Adler shotgun, may be reclassified to severely restrict their availability to law abiding firearm owners;
  • Plans to restrict farmers owning handguns, used for the humane destruction of livestock, and pest management, are being considered;
  • Senior police officers and Ministers from different States and Territories have been discussing banning pump action centrefire firearms since 2005;
  • Any restriction in the type of firearm you are allowed to legally own would mean handing in your existing, legally acquired firearm.

As members of the forum, we will be asking for the details about these recommendations, and what other steps are being considered. We will keep you informed, and advocate for sensible legislation governing the licensing, usage and storage of firearms.

How does this review work?

The steps to change gun laws are quite simple.

  1. State Governments submit their proposed changes to the firearms laws to be considered by all states;
  2. The states agree on what changes should be made nationally;
  3. The changes are implemented at a state level.

We encourage you to let your friends, family members and colleagues know about these changes, and let them know how they can have their voice heard. Get them to join Shooters Union Queensland, today.

As law abiding firearm owners, we cannot risk being ignored yet again.


Gun control laws – the biggest con job in our nation’s history

Article written by: Carlo Di Falco Tasmanian Mercury May 6, 2016 12:01am

The Port Arthur tragedy is not now mentioned without referring to banning the Adler lever-action shotgun.

While no one denies what happened at Port Arthur was an unprecedented tragedy, Norway had a massacre in 2011 that claimed 77 lives and yet there was no gun buyback or tightening of their gun laws. There has not been a repeat despite citizens having access to the same types of firearms used by Anders Brievek and Martin Bryant.

Read the full story and comments here: Click here

UPDATE #1 – Exposed! Secret Police Review of Weapons Act!

A Lot Has Happened in the Last Two Weeks!

The graphic above outlines what the AG’s department said about the Adler, despite what they were told by the ACC and the AFP.

Why did they say that?

And yet they still want to ban the 7 shot Adler at the COAG meeting next month (and probably a lot more we don’t yet know about!)

Write to your local Queensland and Federal Senators and ask them why!

UPDATE #1 – Exposed! Secret Police Review of Weapons Act!

Despite our best efforts, and the efforts of others including the KAP MP’s, the Queensland Government has steadfastly refused to reinstate the Firearms Advisory Committee, or to consult with firearms groups who will be directly affected by this secret review of the Weapons Act and Regulations.

Some of the activity Shooters Union has been involved in behind the scenes:

  • We have been meeting with politicians from the Qld Opposition, and the cross benches, seeking assistance to shine a light on this secret review
  • Graham Park has participated in several regional media interviews about the review
  • Queensland Country Life will be doing an article about the current WLB issues affecting farmers, and using some of our input
  • With Rob Pyne resigning from the Labor Party, the balance of power in the Queensland Parliament has well and truly shifted!
  • We have met with the Qld Opposition to promote our “Steal a gun, go to jail” initiative targeting firearms thieves
  • We have written to the Police Minister and the head of Weapons Licensing Branch asking for information about the Weapons Act review, and have been met with stony silence
  • We have been invited to participate in an SBS Insight show later in March – we’ll let you know when it’s going to air

So – there is an enormous amount of activity going on to present a voice of reason in this review

But we still need your help.

Please – email your local Qld MP, and your Local federal MP’s and Senators, and tell them (politely) that you insist on being consulted prior to any changes being made ot the Qld Weapons Act and Regulations, and also the National Firearms Agreement

You can use our easy-to-navigate Politicians contact page on our website here.

Please write to them now – time is short. The COAG meeting happens early next month!

It’s time to close the door on Firearm Theft

Criminals who steal firearms not only break the law, but risk their lives and the lives of law-abiding firearm owners.

We’re putting together real life case studies, to help change the current laws surrounding Firearm Theft. But we NEED your help!

Have you or someone you know been the victim of firearm theft?
What should the penalty be?

Please tell us more…

Please note: We respect your privacy. Your details will not be published without your permission.

Firearm Theft Case Studies

“Secret” Police Review of ALL Queensland firearm regulations under way for the past year!


As many of you know, over the past year the Queensland government has refused to have any engagement whatsoever with the firearms community, despite significant ongoing efforts by our representatives to build a relationship and engage in open communication.

In the past 48 hours a Shooters Union researcher reviewing parliamentary records has found a clear admission of what we believed (but could not prove until now) was happening.

Documents tabled in parliament by the then-Police Minister in October last year, reveal that Queensland Police have in fact been undertaking a “review” of the Weapons Act and Regulations, with an amendment Act/Regs already well underway by the time that document was tabled.

You can get the full details here – see points 16 to 19:

It now seems most likely that the real reason for the government refusing to engage with us has been so that they could undertake a secret review, without any input or advice from the people who are most affected by those laws and who, as we have seen over the past couple of days, are clearly much more familiar with those laws than the government is.

This is deeply alarming.

If you think this review will be minor and not affect you think again, the last time in 2014 that Queensland Police made even minor recommendations (and this time it is NOT minor) they would have:

  • Allowed an authorised Police officer (no reference to the courts needed) to declare you “not a fit and proper person” simply based on who you know. Example: if a friend or colleague suffered from depression, you could suddenly find yourself declared “not fit and proper” and have your firearms seized. Just like that, no magistrate, no court, just 1 police officer’s say so. (QPS Proposal # 8)
  • Allowed an authorised police officer to have the police commissioner to reclassify virtually any type of firearm, then contact you and force you to surrender that type of firearm without compensation! (QPS Proposal # 26)

This time around the “review” has been deliberately kept very secret and will be far more wide reaching and will drastically affect almost ALL firearm owners, including primary producers and those recreational shooters who assist rural producers by destroying feral animals.


1/ Contact your local MP and inform them of the situation, request that they seek assurance from the the Premier guaranteeing the following within 7 days:

  • That a firearms stakeholder consultative committee will be formed in QLD immediately (inc groups such as Agforce, SSAA, SUQ and others).
  • That all recommendations by Qld Police relating to any review of the regulations will be shared with that committee for discussion and input before being presented at a federal level or to Qld parliament committees.
  • That the Qld Police minister and police representatives do not agree or sign up to ANY new changes to NFA (national Firearms Agreement) before consulting with and taking input from consultative committee.


  • Contact the Qld Premier directly with your concerns (since it appears the Police Minister is unlikely to respond favourably)
  • Forward this email to every firearm owner you know and encourage them to do the same.
  • Use the postcard we developed (link to PDF) – we are also happy to post members a number of cards for club or shop use + every gun shop in Qld has these postcards as well, encourage them to get them out on the counter.

This is truly one of the most anti-democratic moves we have yet seen ever taken against voters in Qld and we truly need you to act NOW and get onto your local MP (and write to the Premier as well) today.

SUQ will be sending out more information over the coming days on what is happening as fast as we can get it to you.

Remember your local member is actually not even aware this is happening, so they will likely be surprised as well.

YOU need to inform them that this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

And remember – be polite and stick to the facts!

Are your guns at risk of being reclassified?

We have just been advised that Federal Justice Minister, Michael Keenan, has advised the National Firearms Weapons and Policy Working Group (NFWPWG) to recommend to state and territory Police Ministers that all lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity greater than 5 rounds, be re-classified to Cat D.

There has been much talk about the Adler shotgun being “new technology” and as such very dangerous, requiring a classification which severely restricts its availability to Australian licenced shooters, be they sporting or occupational. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Have a look at this video to see exactly how “new” lever action technology is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VfiqJWqF6M

There will be NO COMPENSATION paid to individuals who already lawfully own lever action shotguns with magazine capacities of greater than 5 rounds if the re-classification goes ahead.

You can go here  to see a statement released by Nioa on behalf of licenced firearms dealers.

Whilst it would be fair to say that there will be relatively few licenced shooters in Australia who will be affected by this change to shotguns only, the significant danger in this move is that this process of re-classification, now that it has been done once, will become the model process for re-classifying more firearms in the future, again with no compensation.

This is clearly the thin end of the wedge!

There have already been reports circulating of consideration to restricting all magazines, pistol or rifle, to a maximum of 5 rounds, and also consideration of re-classifying all pump action firearms, for example the very popular Remington 7600 and 7615, to Cat D as well.

If this happens, these firearms will become illegal to possess under a shooter’s existing Cat B licence, and will either be seized by Police, or be forcibly surrendered to a licenced dealer, with no compensation. However they will be next to worthless in the marketplace because there will be an instant flood of these firearms onto the second hand market, with no-one able to obtain a Cat D licence to buy them.

So what can we do?

Queensland does not have to automatically accept the NFWPWG’s recommendation. So we must all write to our local state member of parliament, and voice our opposition to any such re-classifications. But we have to act fast. The state and territory Police Ministers are meeting on 5th November to consider the NFWPWG’s recommendations – that’s just thirteen days away so we have 13 days to get to our state Members of Parliament in sufficient numbers to convince them that accepting these recommendations will be politically very painful at the ballot box for them.

You can see a list with contact details of all Queensland State MP’s here:


So write to your local member of Queensland parliament, and copy the Premier thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.a for good measure.

And remember, stick to the facts, and keep it polite!

Fighting the good fight for fair gun laws

The Shooters Union Committee

Howard took our Semis; Now they want what’s left

The Liberal Government considers Lever Action Shotguns a SERIOUS PROBLEM!

There is absolutely no evidence to support this but that is a direct quote from the Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis Tuesday evening in Parliament in response to a question from Senator Ricky Muir.

So there it is.

Just as we have been warning you, this isn’t just about lever action shotguns, they want to take ALL lever action firearms.

Furthermore, Brandis wouldn’t commit to a buy-back if the classification was changed. This means that if the classification is changed, no-one who has the reclassified firearms will be able to sell them, so in substance it will amount to expropriation without compensation.

Are you going to stand for that?

Click play on the video below to watch what happened when Ricky Muir posed Firearm Questions to Senator Brandis in parliament.

You need to see this, as otherwise you would not believe how firearm owners are being slandered and attacked by the very people we elected to represent us. This should make you think carefully before you cast you vote in the next election.

Perhaps it would be a great idea if they focused their budget dollars and their efforts on criminals and not YOU!!

You need to contact EVERY coalition (LIB/NAT_ federal AND state) member of parliament in Australia NOW!!

And tell them politely what you think of their attitude towards legitimate firearms owners.

And don’t forget Brandis’ own Attorney General’s office.

Email to: Senator.Brandis@aph.gov.au

Write to: (can be more effective the emailing) PO Box 143, Albion DC, Qld 4010

Call: 07 3862 4044 and set meetings with the Senator.

Shooters Union members should login and go to the ‘message politicians’ page for emailing Queensland politicians. (Click here)

Don’t forget to fire up your shooting friends and your gun club.


Get them to join Shooters Union to support the battle and get them writing letters and emails to MPs and Senators.


What’s more important, Guns or People?

We are continually subjected to inflated newspaper claims that Howard’s ill-considered gun registration has done so much to reduce gun crime that we forget the other aspects to the 1996 gun laws, such as formalised gun safety courses which are a prerequisite to getting a gun licence, the police checks and built in restrictions on violent offenders obtaining a registered firearm.

Dr. Samara McPhedran PhD, in one of her meticulously researched papers considers which part of the gun laws has had the most positive impact, the laws affecting guns, or the laws affecting people.

Click through to Samara’s paper in The ‘Conversation’ https://theconversation.com/regulating-people-not-just-guns-might-explain-australias-decline-in-mass-shootings-44770