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Wild dogs kill 1000 sheep on Traprock property

TRAPROCK wool grower Sandy Smith says wild dogs have killed about $100,000 worth of sheep on his property Allendale at Gore in the past 12 months. The loss comes despite the destruction of 14 of the canine menaces in past 12 months. “At $100 a head including the wool that will not be shorn, the loss of 1000 sheep is obviously a very significant cost and one that cannot be sustained,” Mr Smith ...

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Handgun use is still needed by primary producers

PRIMARY producers lobbied hard in the 60’s and again in the 90’s for handguns to be legally used for their work. With a lot of consultation, the allowance for category H handguns to be used was not put out there on a whim or done lightly, it was done because of the need. There was a need then and Agforce ...

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