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Here’s How to Attract More Women Shooters

Recently we sent out a newsletter asking “where are our women shooters”. We have spent some time questioning ladies we know who love shooting and their answers follow a pattern which is perfectly summarised in the following email from Sally Jones. Do your club’s standing orders include a caution on unacceptable language and behaviour? Perhaps it’s about time some clubs ...

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Victorian Government apologises after thousands of gun owners’ personal details released in email error

Sporting Shooter Gun Registry

The Victorian Government has apologised to almost 9,000 gun owners after a “deeply concerning” data breach resulted in thousands of gun owners’ personal details mistakenly being emailed out. Customer service staff at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning last month intended to email gun licence renewal forms, but uploaded the wrong attachment and accidentally sent the names, addresses ...

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Government issues, listen to the people.

I’m writing to you in regards to the upcoming proposed changes you are planning on making to the NFA, I need you to realise, I will not beg, I will not plead, I will not grovel to you! No citizen should have to do that in the apparent free world that we live in! I want you to listen to ...

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Derryn Hinch- Would You Reconsider your Stance on Firearms?

Hello Derryn my name is Chris, I have worked on rural farms in Queensland and seen the hardship making a living off the land and supporting a family. Some farms claim to lose up to 10 to 15 % of there income from feral pests especially pigs. It’s very hard to control these pest as baits and trapping is expensive, ...

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Weapons forum exclusion forces firearms dealers into strike action

Queensland’s licensed firearm dealers have voted to ‘strike’, and force police to shoulder the processing of up to 20,000 firearm transfers a year, over what they see as a blank refusal by the state government to consult with industry about excessive red tape and regulations. The dealers say they are fed up with bearing the cost and responsibility of regulations they have no ...

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