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The Shooters Union Family Continues to Grow

Our New Year started with a double bang. Mareeba Pistol Club and Childers Rifle & Pistol Club (both in Queensland) have formally affiliated with Shooters Union – meaning our members are welcome there and can shoot matches there.

As new members of the rapidly growing Shooters Union family, the Mareeba and Childers clubs have our support and we hope, if you’re in their region, you will support them too. We can confirm we are working on something very exciting with Mareeba Pistol Club for later this year and look forward to being able to tell you more soon!

If you happen to visit either of the ranges, take a photo and tag us on social media with it? Maybe your club is interested in coming to Shooters Union too? Encourage them to get in touch with us if more autonomy and non-intrusive independence appeals.

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