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Unvaccinated Shooters will be able to shoot at QLD Ranges after Dec 17

THE Queensland Government has issued updated Public Health Directives relating to entry to certain locations for unvaccinated people.

Our legal team have been over the Directives carefully and we are pleased to confirm Unvaccinated shooters will still be able to attend and at shoot at Queensland ranges after the new Directive comes into effect on December 17, 2021.

This applies to both indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as range clubhouses etc.

Where a clubhouse serves alcohol or food, unvaccinated people may still enter the area where they need to sign the range register etc but may not be permitted to enter the bar/dining area.

There may still be social distancing requirements at ranges/clubhouses, and you may still be required to scan in with the Check In QLD app, however.

A copy of our legal team’s interpretation is here and you can read the Directives themselves here:

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