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The party has two representatives in the NSW Government, Robert Borsak and Robert Brown. The party has been successful in opening up new opportunities for NSW shooters.

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National body devoted to trap and skeet shooting.


A site with information about using Airsoft firearms, which replicate largely military weapons.


Canada’s National Firearms Association offers Members information on all aspects of safe and responsible use of firearms as well as current information on changes in Canada’s laws. – https://www.NFA.ca


Brisbanes Full Service Pistolsmith
Specialising in  S&W Revolvers
General Pistolsmithing

13A-108 Willkie St Yeerongpilly 4105

Below is a partial list of services offered 

  • Gun Brokerage
  • Transfers in and out of State
  • Revolver
  • Trigger Jobs and Action Tuning
  • Chamfer Cylinders to Facilitate Speed Loaders
  • Bob Hammer
  • Straighten Bent Crane or Extractor Rod
  • Replace Barrels
  • Install Sights
  • Polish Cylinder walls
  • Aristocrat Sights
  • Weigand Combat Parts / Accessories
  • Semi Auto Pistols
  • Fitting of Triggers,Hammers,Safeties,Barrels
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Installation of Factory/aftermarket parts
  • Install Sights
  • Metal Refinishing
  • Bead/Glass Blasting
  • Bluing 
  • Hourly Rate = $65.00 



Largest body devoted to competitive pistol shooting in Australia.


WiSH represents an alternative voice in our social landscape – the voice of women who participate in target shooting and hunting.  It is the voice of women who endorse constructive policy development and demand better recognition of women’s issues.  WiSH is the voice of women who promote responsible resource allocation for enhancing women’s health and safety.

Firearm ownership has become an emotive and polarized issue.  As a consequence, gun prohibitionists have blurred the lines between legitimate firearm ownership, the wellbeing of women, and wider social problems.

All too often, on the domestic and international stage, anti-gun lobbyists ‘blame’ firearms for rape, domestic violence, and homicide between intimate partners.  Attempts are made to associate hunters with violent crime and sexual assault.  To promote this misleading view, efforts have been undertaken to portray firearm owners as exclusively male.

The many women who participate in shooting and hunting have been marginalized – often by other women.  Far worse, though, is that extremism has diverted attention away from confronting the problems our society must face.  The true causes of violence are frequently ignored or dismissed.  We must make a decision: move forward and address the difficult issues, or continue to allow ideology to take precedence over real women.

WiSH calls for an end to counterproductive lobbying, and to legislative reform with no social benefits.  WiSH urges policy-makers to engage in genuine positive change, rather than populism.  Now is the time to direct resources where they are so desperately needed: women’s shelters, healthcare, skills training, crisis counselling, and childcare.

It’s time women, rather than firearms, were the focus of attention


John Lott wrote the first ever accredited academic study into the effects of gun control in the USA, the result “More Guns, Less Crime” turned the Gun control debate on its head. In his new book “The Bias Against Guns”, Lott who is an economics professor, decided to take the emotion out of the gun control debate and insert some solid scientific research – amazing and interesting stuff, his findings will make you think.

John Lott’s website is: https://johnrlott.blogspot.com.au/

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