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This party is headed by David Leyonhjelm who is now a Senator in the Federal Government and continues to make his position very clear on behalf of shooters and outdoor sporting people. The LDP has a strong Pro Firearms policy and its overall policies are designed to minimize Government’s intrusions into our business and private lives.
David is also a member of Shooters Union and heads up our NSW branch.

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Focused on bird hunting, wetland protection and clay target type events, nice website.

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Responsible for administering hunting on public lands in NSW. With some 5 million hectares of state forest etc. soon to be open for hunting , this is a great site for information
NOTE: Shooters Union is an approved Hunting organisation recognized by NSW DPI so our members (even if you live outside NSW) can qualify to hunt in these public lands.


John Lott wrote the first ever accredited academic study into the effects of gun control in the USA, the result “More Guns, Less Crime” turned the Gun control debate on its head. In his new book “The Bias Against Guns”, Lott who is an economics professor, decided to take the emotion out of the gun control debate and insert some solid scientific research – amazing and interesting stuff, his findings will make you think.

John Lott’s website is: https://johnrlott.blogspot.com.au/

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The party has two representatives in the NSW Government, Robert Borsak and Robert Brown. The party has been successful in opening up new opportunities for NSW shooters.


A US based commentary site dedicated to the fight for firearms rights, lots of articles on a variety of issues. Written by David Codrea who also writes in US based gun magazines.

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