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In response to a growing need amongst our membership base, Shooters Union has recently launched the “Arms Collector’s Branch Shooters Union Qld Inc,” to allow members to legally collect firearms in accordance with the Queensland Weapons Act 1990.

A Collector’s Licence is a licence that is separate to a normal firearms or concealable licence. The license allows the holder to collect firearms  in a range of categories.  Collectors must belong to a historical society that promotes study, preservation, education and collection of firearms.  The Arms Collector Branch Shooters Union Qld Inc is approved by the Weapons Licencing Branch as a historical society.

Collectors need to demonstrate that the firearms they wish to collect fall under a theme, historical, commemorative or investment value.  Some restrictions apply to post 1947 handguns.

Please click here to see the Queensland Police’s full requirements for a Collector’s licence (weapons) or Collector’s Licence (heirloom).

Existing Shooters Union Members can apply to become a member of our Collector’s branch by completing the form below and we’ll be in contact.

Please note:

  • Membership is $20 per year in addition to the Shooters Union Membership Fee.
  • Membership is limited to Queensland residents ONLY