As of January 8th, it is illegal in Australia, under Federal legislation, to buy, sell, or trade in militaria (including hats, pouches, daggers, helmets, etc) or general antiques/collectibles/curios bearing the Nazi Swastika or SS Lightning Runes.

We put in a formal Commonwealth Parliamentary submission opposing the ban and even appeared at the Committee Hearing in Canberra to reiterate our concerns, and – like everyone else in the Australian militaria community – were told “We don’t care what you think or how this might negatively impact law-abiding collectors”.

If you’ve got a collection of Third Reich memorabilia – even as family heirlooms bought back by a family member who served in WWII – it is now legally worthless in Australia.

There is no hyperbole involved in that statement – you cannot sell it, you cannot transport it, you cannot trade it. For all practical purposes its monetary value is now currently $0.

Jamey from JB Military Antique Auctions explains the ramifications and seriousness of the situation in this video, which we encourage you to watch and share:

We are still seeking advice on the legality of the sale or trade of firearms bearing Nazi proof markings and will keep you updated.

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