will-you-stand-up-fightThey’re at it again…
It’s time to stand up & fight!

This Friday our Premiers will vote on whether to ban lever action shotguns with greater than 5 shot capacity. This could very well be the thin edge of the wedge in regard to future firearm legislation.

There are one million licensed firearm owners in Australia and every one of you need to make your voice heard by emailing the Prime Minister, your State Premier and your local member.

It’s never been so important to act. Your voice truly matters. You can choose to do nothing or you can choose to fight for the future of your preferred pastime.

Start emailing now and encourage every shooter you know to do the same. Let’s not just let this happen without a fight!!

What can you do?

Step 1.

Email the Prime Minister – CLICK HERE

Step 2.

Email and socialise with your state Premier

Step 3.

Email and socialise with your local member
To find your local member – Click HERE
PDF of all local members – Click HERE

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