As a result of changes to Commonwealth Government’s Consumer Goods (Products
Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020
, a large number – possibly the
majority – of red dot and holographic sights in Australia are now illegal to sell new.
The changes require, among other things, that “the compartment in which the battery is held
must be designed to ensure the compartment is resistant to being opened by young

We gather a significant number – possibly the majority – of red dot and holographic sights on
the market in Australia do not meet the requirements of the new Safety Standard.
While the changes were announced 18 months ago, the ACCC did not consult with the
firearms industry for, as far as we can tell, no other reason than it just didn’t occur to them.
Other industries who were consulted, however, have had an 18 month transition period to
sell existing stock and source compliant stock.

Shooting industry representatives were only made aware of the changes a few days before
they went into effect on June 22 and have been working almost quite literally around the
clock since then, holding meetings with senior Government figures in an effort to straighten
out the situation and get exemptions put in place for firearm sights and accessories.
Potentially millions of dollars in stock held by importers, distributors and dealers across the
country is affected, and investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of the problem –
not to mention whether compartments intended to be opened with a coin or other tool qualify
as “resistant to being opened by young children”.

Shooting industry representatives have requested a similar 18 month transition period, as
provided to other businesses, to allow existing stocks and shipments to be sold, but so far
the official response appears to basically be “No, and tough luck.”
Fortunately for shooters we have clarified THE CHANGES DO NOT AFFECT YOUR

They remain legal to own and use and do not need to be modified; it also appears they will
be legal to sell privately as well (eg if you sell a rifle with one attached to it).
We are furious the government has once again ridden roughshod over the shooting industry
and will keep you updated on the situation as it develops, and will hopefully have more
information soon.
And yes, we’re well aware of how ridiculous it is that something which is attached to a
firearm and locked in a gun safe most of the time is now effectively banned from sale
because it’s not safe for toddlers.

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