The Canadian Government has introduced a Bill that, if passed, would cap the numbers of handguns in Canada and put a freeze on the sale, purchase, transfer and import of handguns into the country.

There doesn’t appear to be any particular reason for this legislation – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just seems to have decided he really doesn’t like guns and that tragedies in the US are somehow a Canadian issue despite the two countries having different laws and cultures and social attitudes.

The Bill – which we stress is yet to pass parliament, and is not guaranteed to do so – sets an extremely dangerous precedent, because you can absolutely be assured the Anti-Gun mob here are looking at it and thinking “Maybe we should try that?”

While it is unlikely a similar ban could be introduced here (in Canada, firearms are a Federal responsibility, overseen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; they are a State matter in Australia) we will be actively monitoring the situation, including working with industry partners, to make sure a similar Bill does not get serious traction here.