As you’ve doubtless heard, the Federal Government is forging ahead with plans to establish a $200m+ (the actual figure seems to keep increasing) Federal firearms registry, which is theoretically expected to become operational sometime around 2028.

We’ve said before and we’ve said again, the State firearm registries are an unreliable, inaccurate mess – and there’s no way the Federal one will be any different. 

There’s also the fact a Federal firearm registry wouldn’t have prevented the Wieambilla shootings (ostensibly the reason why a registry is being introduced).

If the proposal was just to get the state registers to talk to each other, we’d say great – that should have been done decades ago. But it appears the plan is to create another registry, in addition to the State ones, and that apparently warrants hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds that also apparently aren’t needed for combatting the cost of living, funding health and social services, or supporting front-line police.

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