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Howard took our Semis; Now they want what’s left

The Liberal Government considers Lever Action Shotguns a SERIOUS PROBLEM!

There is absolutely no evidence to support this but that is a direct quote from the Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis Tuesday evening in Parliament in response to a question from Senator Ricky Muir.

So there it is.

Just as we have been warning you, this isn’t just about lever action shotguns, they want to take ALL lever action firearms.

Furthermore, Brandis wouldn’t commit to a buy-back if the classification was changed. This means that if the classification is changed, no-one who has the reclassified firearms will be able to sell them, so in substance it will amount to expropriation without compensation.

Are you going to stand for that?

Click play on the video below to watch what happened when Ricky Muir posed Firearm Questions to Senator Brandis in parliament.

You need to see this, as otherwise you would not believe how firearm owners are being slandered and attacked by the very people we elected to represent us. This should make you think carefully before you cast you vote in the next election.

Perhaps it would be a great idea if they focused their budget dollars and their efforts on criminals and not YOU!!

You need to contact EVERY coalition (LIB/NAT_ federal AND state) member of parliament in Australia NOW!!

And tell them politely what you think of their attitude towards legitimate firearms owners.

And don’t forget Brandis’ own Attorney General’s office.

Email to:

Write to: (can be more effective the emailing) PO Box 143, Albion DC, Qld 4010

Call: 07 3862 4044 and set meetings with the Senator.

Shooters Union members should login and go to the ‘message politicians’ page for emailing Queensland politicians. (Click here)

Don’t forget to fire up your shooting friends and your gun club.


Get them to join Shooters Union to support the battle and get them writing letters and emails to MPs and Senators.


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