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NAB apologises for gun shop closures

In completely non-COVID-19 related matters, we have had an extremely productive and open conversation with senior executives at National Australia Bank (NAB) – particularly their Customer Relations head and Business Banking head – regarding NAB’s closure of accounts at a
number of firearm businesses recently.

They have apologised unreservedly for the situation, and clarified it was a mistake affecting a small number of businesses which were accidentally reclassified from “Business” to a different, non-commercial category.

The bank’s representatives have assured us there is no policy at NAB to deny business services to gun shops and armourers.

In fact, they went as far as to say firearm dealers and armourers are more than welcome at NAB. They have said there is some additional paperwork required for firearms businesses, including copies of some ASIC documentation, due to the regulated nature of licensed firearms businesses,
but they are happy to work with licensed firearms business.

The conversations have all been very productive and NAB now have better understanding of the environment and framework gun dealers and armourers work in, and we have a better understanding of how the situation came about in the first place.

As much as we all love to get angry and hate on anyone not supporting shooters, it’s also important we acknowledge when someone who has made a mistake fixes it – and in this case, NAB have realised they made a mistake, fixed it, and apologised – as well as taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We are thankful to NAB for taking the time to listen to our concerns and take us seriously, and for offering an unreserved apology for the situation.

If every issue involving shooters could be so constructively and positively resolved, we’d all be a lot better off – not to mention having more time and energy to focus on enjoying shooting, too.

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