Our membership continues to grow, and we are now the second-largest national shooting organisation in Australia, with established and active branches in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory, with a representative covering Western Australia.

We are a Genuine Reason for A, B and H ownership in Queensland, a Genuine Reason (R Licence) in NSW for A&B Firearms, and a supporting reason (helping establishing proof of involvement in recreational shooting) in South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Our Queensland Branch also has a thriving Collector’s Branch which is an Approved Historical Society and allows members to collect all categories of firearms.

Regardless of where you are in Australia, Shooters Union membership comes with $20m worth of Public Liability insurance that covers you for third-party liability when involved in club activities or hunting with the written permission of the landowner (or where the hunting is taking place on public land and all legal requirements have been followed).

For only $35 per year we think it’s the best value shooting organisation membership in Australia, and as our numbers grow so too does our voice. We already have regular meetings at State and Commonwealth Ministerial level, and our input and battling on behalf of members makes a tangible, positive difference for shooters across the country.

Every member makes us stronger, and the stronger we are, the louder our voice and the more effectively we can fight for you! Encourage your friends to find out more here and then click on the “join Shooters Union NOW” button.

Don’t forget to make sure you remember to renew your own membership too!