It’s been a busy week for the Shooters Union team in Queensland!

Earlier this week we, along with our friends at the Firearms Dealers Association of Queensland met with the Shadow Police Minister, members of KAP, and various LNP MPs to discuss Queensland’s gun laws and the recently unmasked secret plot to make them worse for shooters.

As part of our meeting, we also put forward several proactive, pro-shooter ideas on how the laws could be amended to benefit shooters without compromising public safety; particularly in the area of PTA turnaround processes and times.

MPs across the political spectrum have been paying attention to the huge member response against secret plans to further restrict shooters – one MP we spoke to mentioned receiving approximately 150 e-mails from shooters to their office about the issue – and they are collectively now well and truly on notice that if they want the law-abiding firearms user vote in 2024, they need to start implementing some law abiding firearms user-friendly policies…

This is not a drill… Your firearms are under potentially the largest threat since John Howard’s devastating 1996 legislation changes.

At the urging of the Premier and The Police Minister, the Queensland Government has formed a secret group to implement wholesale changes to our gun laws and make them far more restrictive.

These proposed changes will affect EVERY Queensland Shooter.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter, recreational sporting shooter, professional, farmer, security or any other shooter they have YOU in their sights.

Watch the video above to find out more…

Individually we are weak, as a group we are strong.
Help us to help you.

Firearm Owners in Queensland need to raise their collective voices to protest against our universal mistreatment and the pathological discrimination we face daily from the government and mainstream media. If you’re sick of being the whipping post for an out-of-touch Premier, looking to build a legacy on the back of shooters rights, then it’s time to stand up and make your voice heard.

What should you do?

We need every Queensland Shooter to stand with us to ensure this covert group are not able to enact their devastating plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of another group, this goes beyond group affiliation and strikes at the heart of our sport or profession. As Shooters we all need to work together to ensure our guns and the right to use them protected.

If you’re sick and tired of being treated like a criminal – Get involved now.

1. Share this video

Let’s make some noise on social media and within our communities. Let’s make our voices heard and draw attention to the discrimination Shooters face everyday. Like, comment and Share to increase the dialogue and encourage others to use their voices too.

2. Contact your Local Member NOW.

Be polite, calm and friendly but let them know that this is not ok.

3. Join Shooters Union

Our strength is in our numbers, and for just $48 per year, your membership will help us fight for fair and responsible firearm legislation.

We are Australia’s most active and successful gun-rights organisation, we welcome members from ALL shooting organisations, and everyday we fight for the fundamental freedoms that law abiding firearm owners are due.

We need to show how popular shooting and firearms ownership is. There are over 220,000 licenced firearm owners in Queensland and we don’t appreciate being discriminated against by politicians who don’t hesitate to use us as a political football.

Alone we are weak, but our collective voices can create the change that we deserve. Help us now.