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Explainer: what is the Adler shotgun? And should restrictions on it be lifted?

The controversy whether Australia should allow the importation of the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun has certainly delivered some over-the-top political theatre. If you believe hyperventilating sectors of the media, the Adler is a newly invented death machine. If you believe some politicians’ rhetoric, allowing the Adler into the country dramatically waters down Australia’s 1996 gun laws. This sounds ominous. But ...

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An open letter to the legal firearm owners of Queensland

police minister

After months of unanswered letters etc from the QLD firearms community, QLD Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller met today with Robbie Katter MP (KAP Member for Mt Isa) and Shane Knuth MP (KAP Member for Dalrymple), who were kind enough to invite representatives from the firearms community along to that meeting. I especially acknowledge Mr Katter for the work he put into arranging the meeting.As some of you may be aware, since Labor came to power, the Ministerial Firearms Advisory Panel has not met or received any advice (until recently) about how the new Minister wanted to engage.

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Shooters Union Seeks to Educate

Shooters Union

On the 13th of August 2015, Shooters Union Queensland hosted a dinner with Guest Speakers, Dr Samara McPhedran and Canadian MP Garry Breitkreutz and Entertainer Steve Lee. This is the wrap up video of the event - enjoy.

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