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Adler recategorisation


I’m writing to you, as I have done plenty of times and will not stop until our voices are heard.

I see that coag are meeting to discuss the category change of lever action shotguns, This is a croc, it’s a blatant attack on law abiding firearms owners and it is well and truly not called for.<br />

By making this decision to enforce a category change, you can bet that you are going to lose ALOT OF VOTES, people can see straight through this.

I am sick and tired of waking everyday to see just another thing the government is doing to take away things people actually enjoy.

Yes, I own firearms, no, I am not a gun toting “redneck”, I use my firearms in a very safe manner, just as was intended when the state government deemed me fit to own them.

I have people saying to me “if you’re tired of being attacked them sell your firearms and find a sport that everybody likes” now, how is that reasonable? I am a hard working, honest, father of two, I pay my taxes, don’t do anything wrong but yet why is the government making me feel like a criminal, it’s absolutely absurd!!

A vote yes, to ban the Adler is one less vote from me and every LAFO, there are over a million of us and we fight by voting.

Stop attacking us!!

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