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Freedom Does Not Come Free

I would like to ask as to why cat c firearms especially rim fire semi autos are not available to 98% of shooters. 22 rim fire semi auto are a usable tool and sporting item used in many countries including New Zealand, Canada and England. However in Australia with the most feral animal problems in the world refuses to trust its laws abiding. Being citizens. I would like to know why i served and fought for freedom but yet in Australia freedom is stripped. Fear of media and the minority has politicians scared. So i ask with out a political response. Give me a answer. Why are they not available. Cat c is extremely restricted yet there the types of firearms most needed. Freedom does not come free. And yet i think we as a nation have earned our right to have fun and enjoy our sport. These gun laws have gone to far. Restricting the laws abiding aids in nothing. I know that u will only look over me and my message will fall on death ears. That’s the issue. I’m part of my group vets for freedom here in Australia. Just in QLD, we are over 10.000 strong. And we all agree gun laws are excessive. 26th of march i have organized a march upon QLD parliament 10.000 vets are not happy. All media outlets know and have been emailed. Let see how we go. We are not asking much. Just to be trusted.

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