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One Nation to allow shooters access to public lands

One Nation has announced their intentions to push for a NSW style (R-Licence) for QLD. The proposed arrangements would allow shooters in Queensland the ability to hunt game and feral animals on public lands. This news is welcomed by the Shooters Union and by all firearms and hunting enthusiasts alike. The policy has been developed and promoted by Jim Savage, ...

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Shooters Union Agrees: Crims won’t give up weapons

While Shooters Union of Australia president, Graham Park, agrees with NSW Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm’s skeptical view on the lack of effectiveness of the first national gun amnesty to be undertaken since the one instigated by John Howard in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre, he supports the concept behind amnesties overall. Justice Minister Michael Keenan announced last week that a national ...

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Time for serious thought

First they came for the military type semi-autos but that didn’t affect me because I didn’t need them… Then they came for all semi-auto centrefire and rimfire rifles and even shotguns in 1996, but that didn’t affect me either as I was happy to hunt with my old Winchester 30-30, so I remained silent… Then they came for the handguns ...

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Bill Byrne adopts a no comment policy to weapons licencing issue

After recent comments in state Parliament painting primary produces as rednecks – “the lone cowboy with the pistol strapped to the hip” – Police Minister Bill Byrne has gone very quiet. As reported in a story broken by Queensland Country Life here, Mr Byrne told Parliament the “idea of the lone cowboy, with the pistol strapped to the hip as ...

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Labor’s War on Farmers

Labor's war on farmers

Forget a “Fair Go” –  in a seeming total lack of good economic sense the current Queensland Government seems hell bent on attacking and damaging anything agricultural and regional in our state. Despite the fact that regional Queensland generates considerable income and is the primary caretaker of our natural environment. First our state government introduces a new vegetation management act ...

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Listen to LABOR – Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda

Police Minister Bill Byrne's Anti-farmer agenda

The Australian Labor Party have an Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda… Have a listen to this… In response to a question from Robbie Katter (Katter’s Australian Party) in Queensland Parliament yesterday, Police Minister Bill Byrne made it very clear that he mistrusts Queensland Primary Producers and Landholders in relation to handgun ownership. Click HERE to listen. Send Labor Police Minister Bill ...

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Girls with guns: Meet three women who love hunting

This is a great story! A growing number of women who love adventure and the outdoors are embracing a traditionally male-dominated pastime — hunting. Their passion for the skills they learn and the challenges they work through is evident, as is the amount of criticism they attract. The picture above shows nurse Emma Sears on a hunting expedition in New ...

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