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Beware the NSW Fun Police

Owning a toy gun in New South Wales can get you thrown in jail for many years, in a situation Shooters Union has slammed as “mind-bogglingly stupid”. Gel Blasters – plastic toy guns that outwardly resemble actual firearms but fire small harmless soft gel pellets – have been classified as real firearms in NSW and possessing one without the appropriate ...

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Our Farmers Need You!

We are recruiting volunteers to form flying squads to operate in the St George Dirrinbandi Thallon Nindygully Bollon areas for eight/nine weeks from the 24th of September. We are asking that you volunteer one or two weeks of your time during the period 24th September to the end of November. These times will be rostered so we can have a ...

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NSW: Calling for volunteer non-commercial kangaroo shooters

Kangaroo management: Changes to non-commercial landholder licences and shooter requirements Effective from Wednesday the 8th of August 2018, the NSW Government has made changes to landholder licences to harm kangaroos to reduce populations as part of a package of drought relief measures. Experienced shooters with a current Firearms Licence and suitable firearms are invited to list their details on the Local Land Services ...

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Toy guns, superhero costumes and even LEGO could be banned from childcare centres as experts claim they encourage violent behaviour

Children are being banned from playing with toy weapons at childcare centres Crackdown comes due to fears fake guns could encourage violent behaviour Psychologists say there is no evidence that toy guns lead to violent conduct Children may be banned from playing with toy guns, fake plastic swords and even Lego due to fears they encourage violent behaviour. Games such ...

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Court delivers tough penalties for carrying ammunition

A Ballarat magistrate has sent a stern message about improper storage of ammunition after a young Wendouree man was caught with shotgun shells in his vehicle. Danyon Clarke was caught with ammunition in his vehicle and has been convicted, despite not having a criminal record. Police saw Clarke walking to his vehicle parked outside a Delacombe address on March 2. They stopped the 23-year-old ...

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NSW Dep. Premier consult meeting with Weapons Licensing.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro and NSW Weapons Licensing have attended a recent consult meeting. Shooters Union has gained information on the discussion that took place during the meeting. SU understand that the talk involved some common sense improvement suggestions to current legislation, stay tuned for more information of this as it becomes available.

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