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Westward Ho! Shooters Union now has a WA Representative.

IT’S no secret Western Australia has by far and away the worst gun laws in the entire country. The recent astronomical firearms licensing fee hike has prompted an outpouring of anger from the shooting community and requests for a greater Shooters Union presence in the WildflowerState. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and are now delighted to announce Peter Heggie ...

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Important Western Australian Election Information from Shooters Union

The Western Australia State Election for both Houses of Parliament is on Saturday, March 13 and as our vice-president David Brown explains in this video, if you’re a shooter in WA, you basically have two options: LeaveStop voting Labor or LNP We strongly believe the best way to put pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-liberty candidates at the top of your ballot and ...

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Letter to WA Police Commissioner Dawson regarding closure of gun shops

Christopher DawsonWA Police CommissionerVia E-mail March 27, 2020 Commissioner Dawson, I write regarding the “Closure of Gun Shops” direction issued by you today (March 27, 2020). To be frank, Commissioner, it is appalling and quite literally the sort of thing we would have expected in East Germany during the Cold War, not a state of Australia in 2020. How does ...

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