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Canada: Firearm homicides down by 25%

Statistics Canada have released figures for the first full year after the abolition of the longarms registry.  Quite predictably, the murder rate has dropped by 8% and the rate of firearm homicide has decreased by 25%.

Nevertheless, the Canadian anti-gun lobby and symapathetic politicians are still pushing to have the totally useless and financially irresponsible registry reinstated.  This is further proof that evidence is constantly being ignored when formulating policy.

Australia has already invested over $1Bn in taxpayer funds implementing and maintaining a very similar registry that has never once contributed to public safety outcomes or been used to solve a crime.  This is nothing more than a waste of taxpayer funds that could have been spent in other areas. Anti-gun activists often use the term ‘public health’ when spewing their vitriol against law abiding gun owners.  If they were really concerned about public health, they would support the scrapping of the registries and redirecting those funds into the health system.

More details on Canada’s experience can be read at the below link.


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