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Will Damage to a Rifle’s Crown Hamper Accuracy?

To test whether damage to a rifle’s crown affects precision, we measured several rifles’ accuracy, desecrated their barrels, shot them again and compared the groups. Here’s what we learned. If you’re like me, you are obsessed about preventing your rifle’s crown (where the barrel’s rifling is exposed at the terminal end of the muzzle) from being damaged because it’s commonly ...

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Lever Action – the New DEMON Gun

Lever Action Firearms

Learn the truth and take action against the Australian Government's plan to heavily restrict Manually Operated Rapid Fire Weapons inc lever action, pump and straight pull bolt action rifles. Help us raise our voice within Australian Legislature to stop lever action firearms being classified as C Class weapons and effectively outlawed for 95% of Australians.

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Canada: Firearm homicides down by 25%

Statistics Canada have released figures for the first full year after the abolition of the longarms registry.  Quite predictably, the murder rate has dropped by 8% and the rate of firearm homicide has decreased by 25%. Nevertheless, the Canadian anti-gun lobby and symapathetic politicians are still pushing to have the totally useless and financially irresponsible registry reinstated.  This is further ...

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