Article written by: Carlo Di Falco Tasmanian Mercury May 6, 2016 12:01am

The Port Arthur tragedy is not now mentioned without referring to banning the Adler lever-action shotgun.

While no one denies what happened at Port Arthur was an unprecedented tragedy, Norway had a massacre in 2011 that claimed 77 lives and yet there was no gun buyback or tightening of their gun laws. There has not been a repeat despite citizens having access to the same types of firearms used by Anders Brievek and Martin Bryant.

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  • I did read this article and was pleased. There has been a lot of propaganda during this time where Port Arthur has been hijacked for the anti gun lobby. This was the only pro gun article from the major news outlets that I could find for the period.

    Its a bit sad that we dont have more real conservative/liberals to go in and bat for us like Senator Leyonhjelm that get coverage.

    So a big thank you to Carlo and his editor for this piece.

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