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NSW: Calling for volunteer non-commercial kangaroo shooters

The following information applies to properties in New South Wales only.
Kangaroo management: Changes to non-commercial landholder licences and shooter requirements

Effective from Wednesday the 8th of August 2018, the NSW Government has made changes to landholder licences to harm kangaroos to reduce populations as part of a package of drought relief measures.

Experienced shooters with a current Firearms Licence and suitable firearms are invited to list their details on the Local Land Services (LLS) Kangaroo Shooter Register. Shooter details on the register are available to licensed landholders seeking assistance from professional or volunteer shooters.

You do not need a NSW Game Hunting Licence to participate.

NSW DPI Game Licensing Unit has been heavily involved in preparations for these changes alongside the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and LLS. We developed the Volunteer Non-Commercial Kangaroo Shooters Best Practice Guide to help guide the legal, safe, humane and ethical culling of kangaroos under these new arrangements.

What has changed?
  • Physical tags – no longer required.
  • More than two shooters may operate under a landholder licence at any time.
  • Shooters no longer need to be listed on the landholder’s licence at the time of application and only need to be listed on landholder licence returns after culling operations.
  • Carcasses may be removed for personal use (but not sold, swapped or traded).
Landholder licensing
Landholders are able to apply for a Licence to Harm Kangaroos over the phone or in person with their local National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) office.NPWS, part of OEH, will assess the property size and issue an allocation (like a quota) of kangaroos that may be non-commercially culled on that land.

How to qualify

How to help landholders
Landholders who are licensed to harm kangaroos are able to access a Local Land Services Kangaroo Shooter Register to find professional or volunteer shooters.You can register your interest using the online form provided by LLS (use the button below).

Remember, you must have permission before entering any property to shoot.and the property must be covered by a licence to harm kangaroos issued to the landholder by OEH/NPWS.

Register your interest: Volunteer or professional kangaroo shooters Volunteer Non-Commercial Kangaroo Shooters Best Practice Guide

Detailed information about the changes is available on the following websites:

Shooters should also be familiar and comply with the National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies for Non-Commercial Purposes.

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