SINCE we established our Legal Assistance Program in Queensland, the lawyers we recommend in that state (David Neuendorf at Robert Bax & Associates) have helped more than 400 shooters with licensing issues, and achieved an astounding 90%+ success rate in matters they have taken on for our members.

Our member offering is simple: If your licence or PTA is rejected or cancelled, contact our legal team via and they will assess your situation. We can then refer you to one of our preferred legal experts for a no-obligation consultation. If the lawyer feels your case has merit, Shooters Union will pay your Civil Administration Tribunal
filing fees.

We are delighted to announce we can now officially expand that same member offering to our members in New South Wales and Western Australia as well, with two new law firms joining the program:


CDM Lawyers are our preferred lawyers in NSW, led by former Senior Police Prosecutor and NSW State Licensing co-ordinator, Craig Murray, aided by barrister William Wilcher. The team is based in Sydney but regularly travel regionally, and specialise in Criminal Law matters.

CDM Lawyers assists shooters in all aspects including negotiation, submissions and appeals to the NCAT.

We are delighted to have them working with us and know our NSW members with legal issues will be in good hands with the CDM Lawyers team.


Andrews Legal, based in Perth, are our preferred lawyers in WA. They are led by Trent and Mark Andrews who are passionate about protecting and safeguarding the rights and liberties of responsible firearm owners.

Prior to establishing Andrews Legal in 1997, Mark was a Detective in WA Police for 11 years, which gives him unique insight into Police investigative processes and procedures and the decision-making framework.

Trent Andrews has been a specialist criminal lawyer for his entire career, he has extensive experience in the State Administrative Tribunal including successful challenges to firearms revocations. Outside of work Trent has an avid interest in military history and is a passionate advocate of civil liberties.  

They specialise in all aspects of law impacting on the rights of firearms owners including, but not limited to, defending firearms and customs offence criminal charges at trial, sentencing for firearms related charges, State Administrative Tribunal Appeals, the impacts of Violence Restraining Orders of licensed gun owners, and mental health issues affecting firearms licences.

They provide members of the Shooters Union with 10 minutes of legal advice over the telephone at no charge and offer a discounted 45-minute initial consult for $190. They also offer Shooters Union members a 25% discount on their regular fees for legal representation, for which we are very grateful and look forward to working with them to improve the situation for WA gun


As always, your first port of call should be – our team are here to help.