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Weapons Licencing bullies elderly landowner into surrendering licence

A sad case from Queensland recently, where an elderly landowner had her licence renewal denied because, according to WLB, she did not have enough land to justify owning the single-shot .22 rifle for humane destruction of injured animals and would not be able to join a shooting club before her licence expired – even though the land size had never been a problem in the past, and she absolutely could have joined a shooting club like us in time, had she been given the correct information.

She said the person from WLB was very aggressive with her on the phone and basically bullied her into surrendering her licence. After receiving the official notice, she contacted us asking for advice on how to legally dispose of her rifle. After discussing options with her, she decided that it was all simply too complicated to apply for a new licence – but we were able to direct her to a local gun shop so the gun wouldn’t go to the crusher.

If you are having licensing issues with WLB, make sure you contact us right away via membership@shootersunion.com.au so we can see if we can help, and ensure you are making decisions with the right information. Don’t leave it until the last minute, as there are often strict timeframes involved!

New ways the Police can take away your guns and how to STOP THEM!

Watch this video to learn more about what Shooters Union are doing to fight against the Overreaching & Overzealous “Fit & Proper Persons laws” that are affecting Queensland Shooters NOW.

If you’ve been issued a revocation notice please email: membership@shootersunion.com.au with the details for assistance in fighting the notice.

The rights of Law Abiding Firearm Owners across Australia are under attack, please consider donating to our legal defence fund to help fight against government overreach, overzealous legislation and unfair penalties and restrictions. You can donate here: shootersunion.com.au/donate-and-support-the-shooters-union/

WLB Audit Findings – How we’re responding.

Our concerns have been justified, but LAFO’s aren’t taking the blame… so what now?

As you may have heard, the Queensland Audit Office has released a damning report into Weapons Licensing Branch.

The report identifies a number of issues that we are all aware of – including outdated records and massive processing backlogs – and provides recommendations on how WLB should address them.

The major concern is most of the recommendations of the report appear to blame licensed, law-abiding firearms owners for WLB issues and also encourage WLB to crack down harder on gunowners, despite overwhelming evidence showing we are the most upstanding and law-abiding section of the community.

The team at Shooters Union Queensland are going over the auditor’s report very carefully so we can provide a measured and reasoned response, but in the meantime we wanted to reassure you we’re aware of the report (and all the anti-gun media stories as a result) and are actively working on it, as well as ways you can get involved.

We have already been involved with meetings with Police Minister and WLB regarding the many issues involving WLB and firearms licensing in Queensland, and will be working hard to make sure any and all changes are focused on improving current system and making it work better for everyone, rather than simply attacking legitimate firearms owners.

In the meantime, you can read a copy of the report for yourself here.

Vote for the Man… Not the Party in Lockyer

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Savage, Independent Candidate for Lockyer who is contesting the State election this month. 

A passionate advocate for your region, Jim’s fixin’ to run the bad guys out of parliament and fight for the changes that the Lockyer region desperately needs to survive and thrive.

Only an Independent candidate has the flexibility to follow his/her conscious and vote for what’s right instead of what their party moguls dictate. 

Amongst other topics, Jim’s sights are set on reversing the decision to lock up the Lockyer Forest Reserve and White Mountain Forest Reserve allowing for recreational activities and better forest management. 

Jim’s also passionate about water… or the lack of it in Atkinson dam. Farmers need water, tourists need water… our communities need water and the State government has the power to make it happen through dams, proper water management and infrastructure projects that co-incidently would bring more jobs to the region too. A definite WIN-WIN.

Watch the video to find out more.
Shooters Union is endorsing Jim as our pick for the Lockyer region.

Let’s help Steve Andrew Take Out the Trash!

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Andrew, the One Nation’s Party Member for Mirani who is up for re-election this month.

A passionate advocate for your region, Steve wants the people of Central and North Queensland to hold the balance of power, keep the next Queensland government accountable, and put an end to Labor riding roughshod over farmers, miners, and anyone living outside the south-east corner.

“We are in the fight of our life to keep our cherished way of life. FREE, ALIVE and PROSPEROUS.”

“My promise to you is to continue to fight against radical Greens armed with their dodgy science that demonises farmers, tourism providers and miners. I’ll fight for your kids to get better funding for schools, teachers and educators. I’ll fight for your jobs, and to keep investment in Mirani.”

“I say NO to Labor’s death tax, a GST increase and the double standards that favours the rich and famous over normal Australians. I say YES to water infrastructure projects and outcomes that deliver benefits for our entire community.”

“Let’s continue what we’ve started and keep Mirani moving forward, supporting and reinvigorating agriculture, manufacturing, mining and local jobs.”

Shooters Union is endorsing Steve as our pick for the Mirani region.

Your rights are just as important as the rights of City Voters!

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Rick Gurnett, the Katter Australia Party Candidate for your electorate of Warrego. A passionate advocate for your region, Rick is contesting the seat to ensure “help our regional and rural economies grow.” 

To stop our declining rural and regional populations, we need bold ideas like an airforce training centre in Charleville, a rural bank to safeguard our farmer’s livelihoods, and investment in local industries (like the Dalby Ethanol Refinery) with a commitment from the Australian Government to ALWAYS support AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES first.

Raising a family in southwest Queensland has given Rick an insight to how important it is that we have MPs that are fighting for the regions to give people west of the range the same access to health, aged care, education and other essential services as those in the South East corner enjoy.

“My passion is agriculture and I have always worked towards owning property and providing food and fibre for our great country.”

He has become increasingly concerned about the high-handed decisions legislated by the major parties which have eroded people’s rights and freedoms.

“This is the reason I have put myself forward as part of the KAP to right these wrongs and get our country back on track.”

Shooters Union is endorsing Rick as our pick for the candidate most likely to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the Warrego region. 

Mundingburra Voters – Have you seen this?

How you can vote for
job security, a strong local economy, decreasing youth crime and better support for local farmers 
this October.

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Alannah Tomlinson, the Katter Australia Party Candidate for your electorate of Mundingburra. A passionate advocate for your region, Alannah is contesting the seat to “Make Townsville Great” and address the changes made to legislation stopping Townsville police from effectively fighting juvenile crime. 

I am a person of conviction and believe in fairness and what is right. Not enough is being done for our region for those that live here. I want better for everyone in our community including safety, growth and stability. Come see what KAP really do.”

A passionate advocate for the Townsville region, Alannah has policies aimed to build infrastructure, protect jobs, decrease youth crime and provide better support for our farmers and primary producers.

Shooters Union is endorsing Alannah as our pick for the candidate most likely to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the Mundingburra region. 

Shooters Union unveils Australian First Pro-Gun Voting App

AUSTRALIA’S pre-eminent pro-shooting organisation has unveiled a new app to give shooters and supporters information about elections and advice on how to vote to protect their interests.

The free Shooters Union How To Vote Pro-Gun app provides users with a range of useful pro-shooting electoral and voting information relevant to them, to help them make an informed and pro-gun choice at the ballot box.

The app is available free at https://howtovoteprogun.com.au/ for PC and on the Google Play store for Android devices.  

Direct link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.votingguideapp

We have developed an iOS version for Apple devices but the Apple Store have been dragging their feet on approving it – allegedly because of COVID-19; we think it could also possibly because it’s a pro-gun voting app and that doesn’t suit certain agendas.

Note: the App is currently ONLY providing functional information for the Queensland State Election

It will be updated for other states and elections in future.

Shooters Union Australia president Graham Park said the How To Vote Pro-Gun app was, as far as he was aware, the first time in Australian history a pro-shooting group had put together such an app – and it was available to anyone who wanted to use it, not just Shooters Union members.

“We’ve been saying for more than 20 years that shooters need to vote to protect their interests, and in every election we get inundated with members across the state asking ‘who should I vote for?’,” he said.

“Collating an electorate-by-electorate list of who shooters should vote for to protect their rights and give them a fair go has previously been a lot of work and getting that info to the people who need it in an accessible fashion has also proven a challenge.

“Now, thanks to the incredibly hard work of the Shooters Union team as well as advances in computers, internet, smartphones and tablets, we can finally do that effectively.”

Whether it’s finding out what electorate a person lives in to listing all the candidates there based on Shooters Union recommendations, the How To Vote Pro-Gun app can help shooters and supporters ensure their vote makes the most difference on polling day.

The app will initially cover the 2020 Queensland election but is designed so it will be quickly updated for all State and Federal elections as they occur.

“No matter where you live in Australia, if there’s a State or Federal election affecting you, we will have the appropriate voting advice available via this app,” Mr Park said.

“Watch this space – we’re just getting started.”


Townsville – Are you ready for change?

Let’s put Townsville First!

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Schwarz, the Katter’s Australian Party Candidate for your electorate of Townsville. A passionate advocate for your region, Josh is contesting the seat to “unlock the potential of our amazing home.” 

For decades the LNP and ALP have neglected the Townsville region… only remembering we exist once an election is called. 

In this election, let’s put Brisbane last by choosing politicians who are committed to NQ and seeing it prosper.

KAP candidate for Townsville, Josh Schwarz says NO to asset sales, YES to the big projects that will pull our struggling economy out of the COVID recession. 

Josh says YES to jobs and YES to agricultural & manufacturing development (including Smart Water Management Programs), tourism, defence and health project development.  Let’s get the region building so we can get back to prosperity. 

If you care about Townsville and more importantly your children’s future then make sure you vote for a party that is committed to delivering on the big projects that will get us out of the COVID-19 recession.

The KAP are CLEARLY the only party that has the vision, guts, will and determination to do what’s best for Townsville.

This election, let’s put Brisbane last. Watch the video below to find out more. ”

Shooters Union is endorsing Josh as our pick for the candidate most likely to bring about meaningful and lasting change in the Townsville region. 

Shooter’s Union Australia Vice President, David Brown interviews the KAP Candidate for Townsville Joshua Schwarz

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.


Are you in Thuringowa? Watch this

This October, the Major Parties have to go. For decades the ALP and LNP have ignored the youth crime wave taking over our city. In this election let’s put Brisbane last by choosing a candidate who is commited to achieving WHAT TOWNSVILLE needs.

Vote 1 for Julianne Wood, KAP Candidate in Thuringowa to Take Back Townsville from it’s criminal gangs and youth crime.

Julianne has a plan that’s offers more than a slap on the wrist or an easily overlooked/difficult to enfore night time curfew.

Our relocation sentencing plan will give our troubled youth skills, discipline and chance for a new start in life (whilst also providing valuable services to rural and regional property owners who could use some extra person-power.

The KAP are CLEARLY the only party that has the vision, guts, will and determination to do what’s best for Townsville.

This election, let’s put Brisbane last. Watch the video below to find out more. ”

Shooter’s Union Australia delegate, David Brown interviews Leader of the KAP Robbie Katter & Thuringowa Candidate Julianne Wood.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the concerns in your electorate and how your candidate plans to make improvements.