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One Nation to allow shooters access to public lands

One Nation has announced their intentions to push for a NSW style (R-Licence) for QLD. The proposed arrangements would allow shooters in Queensland the ability to hunt game and feral animals on public lands. This news is welcomed by the Shooters Union and by all firearms and hunting enthusiasts alike. The policy has been developed and promoted by Jim Savage, ...

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Attention Lockyer Valley Residents!

Calling all Keyboard Warriors As you know our beloved sport is under attack from city-dwelling politicians who specialise in knee-jerk politics designed to win the popular vote. Just recently we’ve seen a total backflip from the LNP regarding the re-classification of the Adler shotgun due, we believe to a totally unrelated crime that occurred in the United States, which involved ...

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BREAKING NEWS: Palaszczuk to move lever action shotguns to Category D

BREAKING NEWS: The Palaszczuk Government to move on high-capacity shotguns following Los Vegas Shooting. In news just in, Shooters Union have been advised that the current Queensland Labor government wants to silence the voice of thousands of sporting shooters, hunters and farmers by moving lever action shotguns to a restrictive Category D. This opportunistic political posturing by Labor in wake of ...

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New Gun Laws leave successful Ipswich Club in Limbo

THE competitive future of an internationally successful Ipswich club is in limbo under the revised 2017 National Firearm Agreement (NFA). That is the view of Ipswich Pistol Club committee member and licence firearm instructor Scott Geelan, who is keen to receive further clarification on how the agreement will affect shooting clubs. “There are so many grey areas,” Geelan said. “There ...

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