A dangerous twist of legislation along with severe police overreach is causing a nightmare situation for countless law abiding firearm owners when it comes time to renew their licences. 

The “Fit and Proper Persons” requirements now applied to all Queensland gun licences are jeopardising ownership based on the actions of those you live or associate with or are related to.  So you could ask yourself… how well do I REALLY know the people around me?? OR if you think the actions of others shouldn’t be factored into an evaluation of you …


If this happens to you, we need you to do three things.

1. Tell us right away so we can help you – please e-mail legal@shootersunion.com.au
2. Write to your local MP about this infringement on the civil liberties of your household – you can find their contact details on your State Parliament website.
3. Contact the Police Minister in your state and ask him to tell the police to stop clutching at straws and harassing law-abiding firearms users. We’ve even created a tool to help you do it, if you are in Queensland! https://shootersunion.com.au/ministerial-email-generator/

We’ll have more on this issue soon – but in the meantime, be aware it is happening and be prepared to start getting active in fighting against it!

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