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revoked the exemption allowing pre-1901 muzzleloading and other antique firearms to be held without a licence

ATTENTION: Tasmanian Collectors & Old Gun Enthusiasts

As of January 18, 2024, the Tasmanian Police Commissioner Donna Adams has revoked the exemption allowing pre-1901 muzzleloading and other antique firearms to be held without a licence or associated rigamarole.

Effectively immediately, these have been declared to be “firearms” and are now required to be licensed, registered, and locked in a gun safe.


No explanation has been given for this decision and to the best of our knowledge there has been absolutely zero consultation with the firearm collecting community about this decision.

If you own an antique firearm in Tasmania – even if it is literally centuries old and/or clearly not functional – the Police Commissioner has (incorrectly) decided it’s a danger to society.

No other state or territory in Australia treats pre-1900 muzzleloaders or longarms with long-obsolete and unavailable ammunition as “firearms”, and with good reason – they are historic collector pieces, and many of which are simply not in fireable condition anymore.

As a matter of urgency, we believe ALL shooters, collectors, and militaria enthusiasts in
Tasmania MUST:

Contact Police Commissioner Donna Adams (tasmania.police@police.tas.gov.au) and Police Minister Felix Ellis (felix.ellis@parliament.tas.gov.au)

Politely tell Ms Adams and Mr Ellis you are outraged by this decision, which is not only unreasonable and draconian (and puts Tasmania out of step with literally every other Australian state and territory), but that you are absolutely disgusted by the lack of consultation and the secretive way it has been decided/enacted, and state you wish the Exemption to be immediately
reinstated, with a view to enshrining it in legislation at the earliest available opportunity.


Contact your local MP (don’t forget the Upper House MPs too!) and tell them the same thing. Tell them if they do not take action on this, THEY WILL LOSE YOUR VOTE at the 2025 election – but if they help you, you will be telling everyone you know that they are looking out for law-abiding citizens and they should keep that in mind at the ballot box.

We will be making our own representations but WE CANNOT DO THIS ON OUR OWN AND

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