I’m writing to you in regards to the upcoming proposed changes you are planning on making to the NFA, I need you to realise, I will not beg, I will not plead, I will not grovel to you! No citizen should have to do that in the apparent free world that we live in! I want you to listen to the people, listen to the facts about the Adler and related firearms, there is not one valid reason this firearm or any should change category, I do not want to hear any waffle about port Arthur or the Martin place siege, the Lindt cafe was carried out by a phsyco with an illegally acquired shotgun, bait an Adler….

The effort you are putting in attacking LAW ABIDING PEOPLE, could well be used in focusing on the real problems, illegal importation the f weapons, mental health, black market firearm sales, what you are doing is not achieving anything!! We do not break the law, we already jump through that many hoops, and we are considered focus lions!! As said, I WILL NOT BEG, BUT I ASK YOU TO SEE REASON AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY, INSTEAD I’M F LISTENING TO THE LUNATICS INVOLVED WITH GUN CONTROL ADVOCACY’S, they do not present any facts whatsoever, it is all lies!

That is not how I grew up knowing what Australia’s values were, this country has gone way downhill, and you all just cave to anybody who demands anything.

I am not demanding, all I’m asking is for you to kindly do some of your own research, to see that it is all based on lies, every single bit of it, it will take you 15 mins of your time and you will see so many flaws in the whole system.

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