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Derryn Hinch- Would You Reconsider your Stance on Firearms?

Hello Derryn my name is Chris, I have worked on rural farms in Queensland and seen the hardship making a living off the land and supporting a family.

Some farms claim to lose up to 10 to 15 % of there income from feral pests especially pigs. It’s very hard to control these pest as baits and trapping is expensive, time consuming and does not always work.

Shooting pests is cheaper, more humane and there is not chance of secondary poisoning of non-target animals (like baits tend to do). It’s very hard to shoot mobs of pigs with a single shot rifle.

You are doing some great working exposing sex offenders in our community, I know a lot of law abiding firearms owners and rural people support what you are doing but don’t support your firearms stance.

Rural folks and law abiding firearm owners love there kids and love there firearms. Would you reconsider your stance on firearms?

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