Calling all Keyboard Warriors

As you know our beloved sport is under attack from city-dwelling politicians who specialise in knee-jerk politics designed to win the popular vote.

Just recently we’ve seen a total backflip from the LNP regarding the re-classification of the Adler shotgun due, we believe to a totally unrelated crime that occurred in the United States, which involved unrelated weaponry in the hands on an unstable individual.

This is why I’m writing to you.

We need to change popular opinion, and I know it’s a big ask.

But the first step is to get more gun-friendly politicians in the “big house.”  We need Politicians who:

  • understand that punishing law abiding gun owners will not stop terrorist attacks.
  • understand that reclassifying guns will not stop criminals from using them.
  • will vocally protect our right to compete, enjoy and practice our sport.
  • aren’t afraid to face the reality, that sometimes farmers need to use guns to do their job.

Luckily for you, as a Lockyer local, you’re in the prime electorate to help all your fellow gun owners.

Your local One Nation Party representative, Jim Savage, is the kind of politician we need in Queensland Parliament. Jim will be standing beside the likes of Steve Dickson and Robbie Katter who are desperately trying to disrupt the status-quo and keep the rights of firearm owners in the news, on the agenda and moving forward.

Jim needs your help, and he needs it now.

Along with your vote on election day, we need to inundate the local newspapers, such as the Gatton Star and Queensland Times, with Letters to the Editor regarding the rights of gun owners and the reasons behind our utter dismay at the lack of consultation/representation and respect.

Basically, we need letters that will forward our agenda and get people talking.

Will you help us?


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