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Attention Lockyer Valley Residents!

Calling all Keyboard Warriors As you know our beloved sport is under attack from city-dwelling politicians who specialise in knee-jerk politics designed to win the popular vote. Just recently we’ve seen a total backflip from the LNP regarding the re-classification of the Adler shotgun due, we believe to a totally unrelated crime that occurred in the United States, which involved ...

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BREAKING NEWS: Palaszczuk to move lever action shotguns to Category D

BREAKING NEWS: The Palaszczuk Government to move on high-capacity shotguns following Los Vegas Shooting. In news just in, Shooters Union have been advised that the current Queensland Labor government wants to silence the voice of thousands of sporting shooters, hunters and farmers by moving lever action shotguns to a restrictive Category D. This opportunistic political posturing by Labor in wake of ...

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NFA Review

Yet again the people who are supposed to be serving Australia are choosing to listen to a very one sided argument made in response to misinformation and what i would consider uninformed hysteria generated by the media and some politicians looking to garner votes. It would appear that the entire consultation process, two and a half years and countless man ...

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Lodge your protest AND win…

Stand and fight against our Premiers, who this Friday will vote on whether to ban lever action shotguns with greater than 5 shot capacity. See full article here. To lodge your protest against the potential ban, enter our NIOA voucher give away.  All existing Shooters Union Australia members who comment on this post by 31 December 2016, and those who ...

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Wild dogs kill 1000 sheep on Traprock property

TRAPROCK wool grower Sandy Smith says wild dogs have killed about $100,000 worth of sheep on his property Allendale at Gore in the past 12 months. The loss comes despite the destruction of 14 of the canine menaces in past 12 months. “At $100 a head including the wool that will not be shorn, the loss of 1000 sheep is obviously a very significant cost and one that cannot be sustained,” Mr Smith ...

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Power Princess’ Mary firing a rifle

  ‘If that was a politician she’d be run out of town!’ Tensions run high on Today as Karl blasts Lisa’s ‘double standards’ over gun laws after she praises ‘Power Princess’ Mary firing a rifle Today show co-hosts Karl and Lisa have argued over Princess Mary The Danish Princess was pictured using a gun in an army drill on Monday ...

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Listen to LABOR – Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda

Police Minister Bill Byrne's Anti-farmer agenda

The Australian Labor Party have an Anti-Gun / Anti-Farmer Agenda… Have a listen to this… In response to a question from Robbie Katter (Katter’s Australian Party) in Queensland Parliament yesterday, Police Minister Bill Byrne made it very clear that he mistrusts Queensland Primary Producers and Landholders in relation to handgun ownership. Click HERE to listen. Send Labor Police Minister Bill ...

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Let Our Elected Reps Know That We Support Them When They Support Us!

Shooters Union has developed a new way to let your elected representatives know exactly how your feel about the current climate regarding firearms legislation.  Download the pledge card by clicking the link below, print it, fill it out, create a postcard from it and send it to your local members at both state and federal levels. It is sure to send them a clear message that you will not accept any changes to firearms legislation. Click here to get yours now.

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SMH: Teddy bear hides firearms and ammunition

Teddy bear hides firearms and ammunition

Police raided a unit in Turella, in Sydney's south, on Thursday and discovered two Glock pistols hidden inside a large teddy bear.The alleged owner, 23 year-old Imad Warwar, was charged with eight firearm offences including two counts of unauthorised possession of a pistol and two counts of not keeping firearms safe.Detectives from the Firearms Squad raided Mr Warwar's unit at 7am, also seizing cash and paperwork. Footage shows an officer sizing up the large, fluffy brown bear in the corner, conspicuously seated beside a television in the sparse room.

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