I am writing to you to request information in relation to the current review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) to be discussed at the October meeting of State & Territory Police Ministers.
I had concerns earlier this year and so I met with the honourable Warren Truss in March of 2016 who reassured me there was definitely nothing to worry about in the NFA review for firearms owners in Australia.
Since that time I have become increasingly concerned that potential changes to the NFA will unfairly impact on my chosen pursuit of shooting and hunting.
It certainly appears that horrific events carried out by a number of criminals have led to knee jerk responses that seemingly have been planned in secret by a “working group” of bureaucrats for years now.

The discussion in Australia in relation to firearms in recent times has been categorised by misunderstanding, misinformation and an emotional conversation which is not necessarily based in facts.
An example of this being the lever action shot gun originally designed in 1887. There has been a strong government reaction to the import of lever action shotguns, which was not well considered and lacked a logical evidence based approach.

Could you please answer the following questions for me:
– How will further laws or restrictions which only impact on licenced firearms owners have any impact on criminal activity?
– Why has the NFA review been shrouded in secrecy?
– Why have various Right To Information requests been denied?
– Why is it not in the public interest to release this information?
– Why has there been limited to no consultation with key stake holders?
– What research or fact based evidence is able to be provided that the 1996 NFA classification or a 2016 reclassification of various firearms has lead to a safer Australia and that further changes to the NFA would deliver substantial safety benefits?

I request that you provide me with a copy of the NFA review recommendations being considered, as soon as practical.

I value having the freedom to enjoy the lawful use of firearms for my occupation, recreational and sporting purposes and I resent my good standing reputation in the community being tarnished and somehow linked to unlicensed criminal activities carried out with unregistered firearms. I will continue to ensure that my vote at future elections only goes to those members who I am certain will actually represent my values and ensure Australia remains a free country where its citizens who are responsible and upstanding members are rewarded, not punished and those members who will actually take action against the real criminal issues that will address the actual issues at hand.

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