Our industry sources inform us the Sulun Tacsoras lever-release shotgun has been banned in NSW under the state’s ridiculous “appearance laws” – in this case, Schedule 1(7) of the Firearms Act, which bans shotguns that substantially resemble a military firearm.

NSW FAR have apparently decreed the (formerly Category B) Tacsoras bears a substantial resemblance to the Benelli M4 shotgun, which is used by the United States Marine Corps – hence its ban. The Benelli M4 is also banned in NSW under the same laws, even for people with a Category C or D licence.

Industry representatives, notably SIFA, have been working with NSW FAR to resolve the situation and obtain clarity on issues such as “what happens to all the Tacsoras shotguns that were legally purchased in NSW?”

We have offered our full support with sorting this issue out and will keep you updated when there is more concrete information to share.