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Proposed Changed to Gun Laws

The Hon. Mal Brough – MP Fisher

I find the recent proposals of the government to tighten gun law and restrict more weapons with no evidence or reasoning to be a breach of power and a negative view of the party to stay in touch with grass root Australian voters.

The assumption that all weapon owners are outlaws is a total misrepresentation, the majority are peaceful law abiding people that just want to maintain the freedom of there sport.

So I ask you Mr Brough stand up for us the law abiding people, don’t allow this misrepresentation of my sport my hobby my life to be restricted any further.

G.N – Sunshine Coast

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    1. If they don’t listen to our concerns they will pay at the ballot box ! we will not roll over like we did under Howard

    2. Lets take a leaf out of nz gun laws. They work well.

    3. The tv and newspaper have a lot to answer for. They incorrectly report the current gun violence facts and the public believes them (ie the adler is more powerful than any other weapon – sydney morning herald). Hence the honest law abbiding firearm owner suffers as the govt acre to keep the public vote. The media is the biggest problem here.

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